Monday, May 24, 2010

Laura: Tackboard and Hermes

Here's my tackboard as it looks now :D I'm really happy with it. I'm just so in love with the Karlie Kloss Hermes campaign that I decided to "frame" it with the rest of the pictures (mostly from backissues of TeenVogue). The Hermes pictures can be found here. Aren't they just glorious? The one of Karlie resting her head (love the scarf braided into her hair!!) on the pile of scarves is just brilliant...the colors are so lush! I wish I could blow this up and frame it on my wall.


Anonymous said...

Your tackboard is real neat! I love the photos, they are so beautiful!!

Christy said...

I love your tackboard. I like the way you've "framed" the ad campaign.
Karlie really is lovely

PrincessMia said...

The upper left pic in the "frame": my mom would love my having that up :P

But it's an awesome idea, I might try to replicate it on my wall.