Saturday, May 8, 2010

Christy: Searching for the perfect dress

I love it when you find a new dress that's very versatile and comfortable and just all round wearable. Well when I was thrift shopping the other day I found one that is all those things.
It is very simple, 50% Linen, olive grey-green.
I feel like it's one of those things i"ll just wear all summer.

Here are a few pictures of it. It's not very accessorized as I was just wearing it to school and I never put quite as much effort into what I wear at school as other places.
Also the sun was very bright and some of the pictures aren't the greatest lighting.




Any suggestions on what kinds of things I could accessorize it with?


t said...

Cute belt!

Clare said...

Very cute dress!

tweet tweet tweet


B said...

I would say gold locket and brown oxfords or brogues. Maybe even a vest.

That dress fits you well! You're right, looks like there are lots of ways you could have fun with it.

ANyway thanks for the comment on the blog. :) I am no good at hunting for designers either. I usually discover them on other people's blogs. I am so lazy like that. Then I make a note of it and check back for new seasons!


Laura said...

I would prolly wear it without a belt, but it looks pretty decent on you. would I accessorise it? I'd probably wear a top under it, like my flower-print H&M shirt, or a white blouse...maybe a turtleneck? You know those "awesome" second-hand brownish shoes you got? Those would look good with this, sans socks.