Monday, December 21, 2009

Opinions wanted, cheap

And here we have my "oh yea this is slobby Laura". Actually I'm wearing makeup here but only cause I was testing a look out.
So here we have the first contender for the Christmas Day outfit...^^
Or this ^ v. The first outfit is "safer", guarenteed to please and the color is good on me and all. The second outfit is more interesting and has more "new" things :P Also not as safe. The skirt is short so there's always the possiblility of a wardrobe malfunction, and it may be that it doesn't photograph as well in the annual Christmas Family Pictures. Also, I'm worried it the grey makes me look washed out (although on the day I'll have on full makeup).

Here you can view Gypsey's epic tail action!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shopping Excursion and scottie dog PJs

Here we have my current tackboard! ^^

80% Angora gloves from H&M, clearance 5 bucks! I got my mom a pair in blue for Christmas.

My favorite PJs ever (I got these at Value Village ages ago).

A new skirt from Forever21 (with a older sweater from the same).


My new 50% wool purple skirt from H&M

The skirt and my new grey cardigan from H&M also.

A close up of the skirt!

Oh, and silly me forgot to take a picture of my other sweater. It's this one though. Actually, I don't know if it was that, cause the one I got wasn't the much and I doubt it was cashmere. It LOOKS like that, anyway. EDIT: nvm, it IS the same one. WOOT for me getting it for 20$!!

I also practicly bought out Sephora (both in my online order which arrived today and what I bought in-store), but there's not much point in taking pics of little jars and

EDIT2: I think my txt got messed up. sorry.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Obviously I no longer can afford anything here and this isn't stuff from my closet but it is AMAZIN so I am posting it.

This coat, I want.$redesign-product-zoom$

And this dress is so sweet, even tho it prolly wouldn't look as good on me as I think.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disproportionate and Dressy

I realize that I look a little Disproportionate in these pictures, probably because I am standing on the stairs and pictures are taken from below.
I'm hoping that that is the answer to why my waist looks so fat. Either that or I'm starting to gain some serious Christmas fat. Or maybe I just always look that way and only i perceive it as fat...

anyways. at least I like what I'm wearing.

First Outfit. I wore this to a Christmas party I went to. The dress itself is sleeveless so the sweater isn't hiding very much.

Outfit: Dress-Boudoir, sweater-Stitches,Tights-Sears,Shoes-Vintage

Outfit 2: I haven't worn this anywhere yet. I just got the dress and belt yesterday so I decided to try out an outfit with it. Again, my head looks disproportionate. This next picture is the only one in the set where I really really like how I look. I love the buckle on the belt. Even though the belt only fits me at the smallest point in my waist I still fell in love with the vintagy feel of the flower on the buckle.

Outfit:Dress-second hand, Belt-Vintage,Tights(both pairs)-Sears

Friday, December 11, 2009

Randomness and URGHah

This is what I wore to the ladies dinner at church. It's a very crappy picture and the way I'm standing makes it look like the top has no shape but it actually looks pretty good.

Also, family/Jon are being annoying. Hence the "URGHacghhh"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dressed like this, no one can figure out where you're going but everyone wants to come along

and behold: Comfy chic! I have a feeling that calling this any kind of chic is pushing it a bit
but the comfy part is not a lie.

Sometimes when I put things together, even when i'm aware they look a little strange, I just love the effect and the contrasts. I love the way the bright socks draw your eye and i love how the belt is a little bit of unexpected elegance in this quite bum outfit.

ok maybe i'm crazy....but i Kind of like it

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shoes are quite least I seem to think so

Well here is me with one of my new shoes. Yes, i realize I look quite excited.
They look better on my feet because they sort of lose their shape off of my feet.


Just some random things...

Still waiting for pics of those shoes, Christy!!