Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dressed like this, no one can figure out where you're going but everyone wants to come along

and behold: Comfy chic! I have a feeling that calling this any kind of chic is pushing it a bit
but the comfy part is not a lie.

Sometimes when I put things together, even when i'm aware they look a little strange, I just love the effect and the contrasts. I love the way the bright socks draw your eye and i love how the belt is a little bit of unexpected elegance in this quite bum outfit.

ok maybe i'm crazy....but i Kind of like it


Laura said...

what can I say? Well, I can say that I think it would look even more fabbity-fab if the pants weren't tucked into the socks. It gives you a bit of a cankle effect. Otherwise, rock on!

Christy said...

ha ha ya....i guess I could lose the Cankles even if they do prevent cold breezes from reaching my feet which is ALWAYS a plus.