Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Christy!

(above, my graduation dress Spring 2009)

Like Laura wrote in her post below, we realized that in blogs with two authors it's often hard to keep straight who is who. We thought that having these introduction posts would hopefully keep us from blending together and give you a chance to get to know us. Hope you enjoy this little peek into my life.

Name: Christy
Age: 18
Occupation: Well schools out for now so presently I'm job-hunting. Which is just about the most depressing thing ever but does provide lots of free time for lounging around. During the school year I am in college studying English Literature which I love and writing essays which I love a little less.
Location: I live in Quebec where I get to enjoy the strange mix of french and anglo culture and the great style of Montreal.

Favorite clothes as a child? I wore a lot of leggings when i was younger, before they were cool. I remember in particular a pair of black velvet leggings which I wore to death. I was also in love with a clunky pair of leather shoes with a heel that I thought looked like pioneer boots and a blue corduroy jumper. Most inspiring stylish movie? An Education. The clothes that Both Jenny and Helen wear are unusual and yet many of their dresses would still be stylish and wearable today. I also love the use of colour and pattern in many of Jenny's dresses. Most inspiring stylish book? I capture the castle by Dodi smith. The whole atmosphere of the book makes me long to wear floaty white dresses and drift around old castle ruins in the sun shine.
Heels or Flats? for any kind of party Heels but for everyday, flats are just so much more practical.
If you could live in one city for a year where? Amsterdam. I feel that Amsterdam has got a bit of a bad rep but it is also a very green, environmentally aware city and I think that living there would be a really eye-opening experience. Favorite animal? Like Laura, I am a cat person but I also like Chinchillas and the Slow loris Watch this for an over dose of cuteness. Favorite colours to wear? Grey, green, white, blue though I tend to just dress in bright colours in general. Biggest hurdle in dressing your body? Well I'm not especially tall so I have to be careful not to look stumpy. Easiest part of dressing your body? I am sort of average sized everywhere so I can usually find clothes which at least sort of fit me. Also I seem to fit into all my friend's clothes no matter their size.
Favorite Season? My favorite season is also fall. I love the feeling of finally being able to wear cardigans and jeans and knee socks without dying of heat. I also like the start of school. By January I'm sick of school but in September and October I enjoy it. Thing you were obsessed with at one point in your life. I also had the obligatory horse craze it of my life. When I was around 11 or 12 I was obsessed with medieval life and clothing. I even made a brown woolen cloak. Though I have no clue what I'm ever going to do with it because it must way about three tons with all that fabric. Favorite style of a decade past? Maybe it's my love of Jane Austen, but I love clothing from the 1700's. The high wasted regency dresses just seem so elegant. I also love the french clothing from the 1700's. Marie Antoinette dresses and shoes are still drool worthy 300 years later.
Something that not many people know about you. I lived in France for 7 months when I was 13/14 and in Japan for two months. I learned so much from living in another country. It was an amazing and stretching experience.

Guilty Pleasure? cheesy teen movies like She's the man and Mean Girls. They're just so quotable.
Biggest style influence. This sounds cheesy but probably just the people I see on the street. Where I live a lot of people have really amazing style and I am constantly wowed by how chic people here can look even when it's minus 30 degrees outside.
When Laura and I started this blog it seemed simply an extension of what we've always done. Whenever either of us got new clothes we'd take photos and email them to each other and the blog started as just a fancier way to do that. It's already evolved in the last months and we're excited to keep blogging and keep reading other bloggers' posts. So to echo Laura, cheers to the blog, and here's hoping it grows and gets even better!



Laura said...

Ooh, I hadn't seen that pic of you with straightened hair/vest before. Really pretty! And excellent post :D

Anonymous said...

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Clare said...

Love your cardigan! It's nice to meet you :)

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Harlow Darling said...

Lovely outfits, my favorite is the fringed aquamarine colored dress!

Btw I can totally relate to your woes of job hunting, I've had the same problem too...the only place willing to hire me is Mcdonalds, ew!

Lots of love

A. said...

We have the same pair of Keds! Woot. Also, I love Jane Austen empire cuts and shallow girl movies. What I can't believe is that we're four years apart in age. So old...

Alice In Fashionland said...

So many pretty pictures. I was always tempted to study English Lit, so I'm a lil bit jealous right now.