Thursday, June 17, 2010

Christy: Pretty summer inspirations.

I made some changes to our blog. Changed the header and added a few things to the sidebar. What do you guys think? I wasn't sure about the header.

I love lookbooks. Especially whimsical summer ones. I saw these Sretsis images on someone's blog (I'm very sorry I don't remember whose) and I fell in love with the crisp elegant basics and unexpected frills. I was also won over by the animals who are inexplicably part of these scenes. I wanted to share a few of my favorites
I love the light airyness of the half blouse with the black skirt.
This jacket dress is beyond cute with it's girly skirt and tailored top.
This is very nearly my favorite summer dress I"ve seen for a while. I love the interesting tailoring and the sweet bows.
This sophisticated outfit is only made better by the fox.

As soon as I have a bit more money I want to invest in some light summer clothing inspired by these looks. What has been your biggest summer inspiration?


B said...

I just adore this Stretsis collection. It is so soft and elegant. But for some reason, it doesn't make me think of summer...winter because of the colors? Haha how silly.

I still love this Kling collection for summer.

Clare said...

Gorgeous images, I love the way they look like figurines!

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Raquel said...

oh my these pictures are beautiful! very inspirational!