Thursday, June 24, 2010

Laura: 100th post!!

Go us!! This is the 100th blog post! When we started this blog back in November I totally thought it wouldn't last past December, at the most. My previous blogs had the grand total of 3 posts, tops. But here we are! And we actually have readers who aren't ourselves :P So, hope you're enjoying!

I also found some inspiration and managed to rustle up a half-decent outfit (above). No, it's not super exciting(hence my unexcited expression) but I figured it was post-able :P

Today was spent sewing--I discovered that for a long torso/short legs, most of my skirts were incredibly unflattering--sitting low on my hips/past my knees. So I put tucks in to make the waists smaller, and hemmed them. They pretty much turned out amazingly, especially considering I pretty much eye-balled everything and didn't use any pins. :P And I'm planning on looking around a few second-hand stores tomorrow, so I may dig up some more things to alter. I'll be sure to post about those soon.

So in the mean time, here's a post from me that Christy has been begging me for :P See ya soon!

P.S. Here's some cuteness :) my (newish) ferret Sabine, checking out my teddy bear Hermann!


Christy said...

aww Sabine is the cutest thing ever.
Nice outfit too. I like the tights

elke said...

omfg i want a ferret, so cute!

nice post :)
great blog btw!

come visit mine sometime?


PrincessMia said...

Well! The high waisted skirts certainly make your torso shorter/ legs longer!

Way to go for modifying!

Helen said...

aww your ferret is adorable! i want to see more photos hehe