Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christy: A child's rocking chair

Suddenly life has gotten very busy. But in a good way. I got a job at a Liquid Nutrition smoothie shop and I started my training on Tuesday. It was a little bit of trial by fire because there was a sudden rush only a few minutes after the manager started explaining the ropes to me. So basically I was washing blenders and making some of the simpler smoothies as fast as I was able but half the time I didn't know which suppliment was which and where anything was so it was a little interesting....
I'm excited to work there though as I really like the atmosphere and as my friends can attest I like talking about healthy eating and nutrition :)
This lovely rocking chair was found in the garbage by my roommate. It's a little bit broken but she plans to fix it this summer.
I love making summer craft plans....Any suggestions for interesting things I could make this summer?
This might not actually be the best idea. My butt isn't that small....
I love the detail of lace on this dress. It makes it extra soft and lovely.

Stay classy everyone,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christy: Bits and Pieces

It snowed again yesterday but the sun is warmer and seems to be saying "no for serious, it actually is spring. The snow is just an illusion."
I realized that when I start blogging the first thing I always want to write about is the weather which I realize is a bit lame. I mean what is this? a Montreal weather blog?
Yup! pretty much apparently.
I'm in the process of making a sweet potato risotto but it's not working so well because I used brown rice and it's taking forever to cook.
I'm just wearing jeans and a t-shirt today but I thought I would post a (badly photographed) outfit from during my non-posting weeks.
I actually quite enjoyed this outfit. I liked the mix of comfy casual baggy-ness with the slightly fancier decorations and netting on the sweater.
Here's something else I like, no make that adore: brownies from Juliet et Chocolat
This wonderful specimen is a raspberry chocolate brownie with balsamic sauce which is amazing. It's quite possible i've posted pictures of Juliet et chocolat brownies before but they are just so amazing.
I hope everyone is seeing signs of spring!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christy: Missing you

Well, as is pretty obvious from the archives, I haven't posted for a good while. I sort of was stuck in a slump where I couldn't seem to pick up my camera or even bother to record what I was wearing.
Maybe it was the weather or the fact that school was really stressful but I didn't even glance at the blog world for the last couple weeks.
and the weird thing was I realized I really missed it, like way more than I expected. I think my blog has become more of a creative outlet than I realized. It was something I could look back on and be "hey, that's pretty cool."
I also missed being inspired by the countless talented and stylish bloggers in the blogosphere.
So ya....I"m back now. Hopefully for real this time.
Also, I changed my gmail address so if I re-friended your blog, don't be confused that their are two of me.
There's a good artist blur on this one
My expression in this one demonstrates how I feel about blogging again.

Outfit details: dress-thrifted,sweater-thrifted,leggings-HKR, scarf-gift,t-shirt, thrifted

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laura: Travel

OK, so all I can think of lately is traveling. In particular, the island of Corfu. This is partly from the film "My Family and Other Animals" and partly because of the book I just read, This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart (read it! Mystery, romance, adventure!), which takes place on the same island, only 30 years later. I don't have any movie of This Rough Magic to post pictures from, but I managed to dig up some screencaps of "My Family" and thought I'd post them for you,

In my hunt for related things to put in this post, I came across another blog post that pretty much summed up what I wanted to say PERFECTLY. Enjoy it here!

"Days went by, peaceful, lovely days."

"'I've told you all I'm going to tell you tonight, and as for Lucy Waring, how often do I have to repeat that I took the damned girl home at seven, and I haven't seen her since? That's the truth, I swear to God!'
No actress ever had a better cue. I pulled the window open, and went in."

"I felt tired myself, but restless, with sleep still a long way off, so I went along to the scrubbed and empty kitchen, made myself more coffee, then took it through the salotto, put my feet on a chair, some Mozart on the gramophone, and settled myself for a quiet evening.
But things didn't quite work out that way. The calm, beautiful room, even the music, did not manage to keep at bay the thoughts that had been knocking for admission since that morning. In spite of myself, my mind went persistently back to the morning's incidents; the discovery in the pool, the two men's raw antagonism, and the long, wearying aftermath of the interrogation, with the fresh problems it had brought to light."

"I made my way carefully through the piled rocks and the sea-wrack. Here and there a shallow pool barred the way, and I paddled across with caution, wondering uneasily about sea-urchins, which in these waters (I had read) can drive poisonous spines into your feet. Like hedgehogs, which Lie tumbling in my barefoot way, and mount Their pricks at my foot-fall...Poor Caliban. Was Julian Gale right, I wondered? I had read The Tempest late into the night..."

This Rough Magic brings forth the idea that the island of Corfu is the setting for Shakespeare's Tempest, or even that The Tempest is based on actual events! I have to admit that I haven't actually read the play, but it was quite intriqing...I want to do some more research on it now!

And thus ends this very odd, random-ish post! Actually, I do have a question: Do any of you have any books or films to suggest based on the ones I've mentioned here? I'm always looking for more that take place in some exotic location, have some romance, intrigue, or charm! I'm already a huge fan of M. M. Kaye (who wrote the six "Death" mystery books, each taking place in a different location. "Death in Zanzibar" , Kenya, Berlin, Kashmir, Cyprus, and the Andamans).

So yeah. Suggestions? Thoughts? Are you feeling as stir-crazy as I am with all this snow? (or are you one of the lucky ones who are experiencing summer right now? In which case, can I come visit? :P)