Sunday, May 22, 2011

it's finally summer!

I think it's actually here? Spring for sure, and maybe even summer! Yesterday was beautiflly warm, today, not so much, but not too cool for this dress.

In non-fashion related news, a movie I've been recently obsessed with is the Darjeeling Limited. It's in my top-five films for sure and I've already rewatched it several times. Have any of you seen it? If so, what would you reccomend if I like this one? For those of you who haven't--check it out. If you like Sofia Coppola, The Brothers Bloom, and anything else by Wes Anderson you would probably enjoy this. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Laura: gereric title here

*insert creative, yet apologetic sentence about how long it's been since I last blogged, how busy I've been, etc etc*

I really felt like all the pieces of this outfit just "worked". The combination of the sweater and dress also had a slightly "Sound of Music" vibe to it which is never a bad thing! Sammy apparently was pretty psyched about it too cause when I stood up after the last picture he JUMPED up on me!

The dress is one that Rebecca from the Clothes Horse wore a while back, and as soon as I realized I could get it for under 50 bucks on Ruche I grabbed it :P I'll definetly be wearing it without the sweater in the summer, it's very, well, summery.

Sweater-- h&m
Bag-- vintage Dooney and Bourke