Monday, June 27, 2011

Christy: Bad Blogger

I feel like there are seasons for everything and maybe right now is not my blogging season.
However I am going to make an effort to occasionally up date.
This last weekend I went to a wedding with my boyfriend which was a fun excuse to get dressed up. These are the only pictures I have but I loved my dress. It just felt really sophisticated and unlike a lot of the things I usually wear which have a tendancy to look like they belong on small children :).


So there you go. Me looking unusually grown up.
I hope everyone is having a good summer and I'll try to update more.
and also to have slightly more quality updates....


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Laura: silky blues and reds!

I should probably mention I didn't actually *Wear* this dress today. I mean, obviously I put it on but only for the photoshoot. I'd just gotten home from work and decided the nice weather and lighting should be taken advantage of with a photoshoot of a dress I haven't blogged about yet!
This was one of those dresses that you have no idea when or where you'll wear it, but you simply HAVE TO HAVE. I lusted after it on modcloth for months ever since it appeared, until a little while ago it turned up in the sale section at 50% off! That was as good a reason as any :P
It's 100% silk and it's actually kind of interesting because if you wanted to you could wear it inside out (the lining is a solid periwinkle color). The fit is a bit odd, and I had to sort of alter it a bit (definetly wasn't too professional of a job, hope it isn't noticeable! XD) but IT'S SO PRETTY!

Anywas. what have you all been up to???