Saturday, April 30, 2011

Christy: Hair from the 20's

I cut my hair! and it's nearly all gone!
Well not entirely but it's shorter than I've ever had it in my life.
I apologize for the photobooth, poor quality photos.

When most of my friends have taken the plunge and cut their hair short they've always said it's freeing and I think I'll have to agree with the cliche.
it feels pretty awesome!
any thoughts?

Sorry for the crappy short post.
Maybe when school is over, blogging will actually happen.
Until then: hope everyone is doing well and staying Stylish!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Christy: Just a normal outfit

I'm starting to get that feeling that I must have worn every single piece of clothing in my closet at least a billion times. It's a bit depressing actually. I just feel like I haven't shaken it up lately. I mean, I like this outfit but there isn't a whole lot of "wow factor."
Another problem I have been encountering lately is just about every pair of shoes I own seems to be spontaneously falling apart. So when I leave the house I have to think ahead and decide whether I would prefer to wear shoes that a)hurt my heels b)have rusting metal shoe lace holes or c)make squeaking noises when I walk.
I'm thinking of buying a pair of Tom's shoes as they look insanely comfortable.
Speaking of Insane: here's an attractive candid....
Only a month left of school! Then summer and more hours making smoothies at Liquid Nutrition! Happy times :)

Stay Classy


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laura lives?!

Hey guys! I'm...uh, actually blogging? I have to apologize I really haven't blogged in FOREVER. Thanks to Christy for holding things together here. In my defense I've been working two jobs and haven't had a day off in two yeah. xD Anyway, I celebrated my birthday yesterday (it's tuesday) and managed to take a few half decent pics for a change (well, my mom took it's really a miracle they're at least half-decent ;) )
(oooh...question..those of you who use tripods...are they expensive? are there inexpensive kinds? do you like them? which would you reccomend??)

I'm really excited about this dress!! It was my first chance to wear it--and you can get it over at modcloth, it's the "Memphis Style" dress. The shoes are also from there. The sweater is thrifted. I don't normally do orangey colors but I wanted to branch out and I don't think it's too bad! It's such a perfect party dress but it's in cotton so you can make it casual too.

Random tidbits: Crazy over stressed from work, really hungry atm and going to have some trifle from birthday, and also dying to read the latest book by Louise Rennison (she wrote "Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging"...any other fans...? no...? um ok). :D I also found out today that in a week I'll have like three days off at one of my jobs!! I'm SO looking forward to the time off and am already planning all the things to read, watch, and wear! :D