Monday, February 28, 2011

Christy: Nuit Blanche

I love the expression Nuit Blanche: It means an all-nighter or literally a "white night"
On one night in February in Montreal there's a celebration called Nuit Blanche: where the city literally doesn't go to bed. All night down town there are free shows and art exhibits and other cultural events. The museums are open all night and basically the entire young population of Montreal takes to the streets in the -12 degree weather to enjoy the night.
This took place last Saturday and I went out with a group of friends to enjoy some art.
We saw a show about excess and bourgeoisie lifestyle that took place in the this studio apartment with brick walls where to watch the show you just stood around the edges of the room.

Then after we wandered for a while before going into the more than 6 km of underground malls and metro stations to see the art exhibits that were set up.
We saw such art as this piece depicting a suicidal Flamingo entitled "la vie en rose"
I love that I live in a city that doesn't just survive winter but celebrates it.
Speaking of Winter adventures here are some pictures I took with my friend by this random installation of white globes. "les spheres poleres"

This is pretty much my typical winter outfit: skirt and tights, coat and wooly hat and mitts.
All that said, I won't be complaining if Spring decides to arrive soon :)


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christy: And then I mugged an old man and stole his sweater

Actually the title is a lie. No old men were harmed in the creation of this outfit. This sweater did come from what I'm pretty sure was the men's section of the thrift store.
I'm not always sure how to wear sweaters this large. This morning I decided that shorts and tights worked better than jeans or a skirt as it balanced out the bulkiness of the sweater.
My bangs need serious trimming but our scissors have disappeared so I've been unable to fix them myself. For those of you who have bangs, do you trim them yourself?
If so, how does this work out for you? One time I was attempting a hair repair I got a hair in my eye and I spent at least ten traumatizing minutes trying to get it out.
This highly attractive photo was taken in my bedroom mirror. Apparently that's the face I make when taking pictures. I guess I had to find that out one day.
My past week has been pretty quiet. I haven't really seen a lot of people or left the house except for dance and school. It's been a bit odd actually....I'm not sure how I feel about it. Usually I'm more social. Maybe I'm just getting in touch with my more introverted side.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laura: The Blair Essentials

I've written about this stylish character before, but I was looking thru episode photos just now and felt inspired to post about her again! It's the one and only Blair Waldorf!

Classy, smart, outspoken, opinionated, born into money and style...she always knows exactly what to wear, how to act, ...what to say, and how to stay on top. :D She's basically the modern super woman.

She's my style icon--she manages to mix preppy with ladylike chic and classy with quirky. Hope you enjoy these photos of some of my favorite of her outfits!!

This last coat...eeeek. The shoes!!! The tights!!!!!!! XD

Looks like the key to Blair's style is in the details. The quality of the coat, the sheen of the fabric, the intricate lace...and of course the eye-popping color and pattern combinations! Blair is definetly not one to go un-accessorised--she's always got a handbag, jewelry, hat, scarf, headband, or something to tie her outfit together.

Thinking...I believe Blair might score an ENTJ on the Myer's Brigg's test. Thoughts?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Laura: Top pics from fashion week

So fashion week is upon us once again, and I've seen some photos of the new collections surfacing online...and wanted to post my very favorites! Do let me know what you think, or if I missed any you think I should have posted!

Ralph Lauren
This dress, I must have.

Anna Sui

*Sighs dreamily*

I think Anna Sui is probably my favorite designer, hands down (Chanel in second). There's such a variety between colors and fabrics and textures. It's very visually appealing, and I could SO see myself in them! (I wish. ha)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christy: Always winter and never christmas

I feel like I'm hitting that phase in blogging when you realize you beginning every blog post with an apology for being away so long.
I guess life happens. School happens. cleaning the house happens.
Also laziness happens.
but I apologize.
How was everyone's valentine's day?
Did anyone special surprise you?
This dress is one I thrifted.
It didn't look especially amazing on the hanger but it's actually a very good dress staple. it's pretty but not overly fussy or stand-outish.

Toady in class I was beginning to think about spring/summer clothing and I found myself getting excited about rompers and shorts and light breezy dresses.
it seems like a whole new world of possibility.
I think I'm going to start online window shopping soon....If I buy new clothes I want to be sure I like them.

Hope you guys are all enjoying the winter and not being bogged down by February blues.


Outfit details: dress-thrifted, belt-thrifted, cardian-thrifted

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laura: Green sweater

I finally got the new size for my shoes, and wore them out and about today! They're super comfortable and I like the little lift I get from the 2 inch heel instead of just being flat. The only downside is I don't think the stain/polish is super great because after some snow melting there were a few smeary patches. I guess I'll either have to invest in some sort of leather spray or avoid the wet.
That's Sammy, in the foreground.
Ooh, I so cannot wait until it's spring and summer and I can go outside to take all sorts of artsy pictures! I envy bloggers who manage to look stylish in the snow. Between turning red/blue as soon as I step outside, to probably not having a great quality camera, it just doesn't seem possible. That, and I have little tolerance for deep snow...and I hate the thought of getting any of my outfits wet. So for now you'll have to make do with haphazard shots in which I amputate my own feet and generally look very sketchy. :P

Oh, this is Chester. He's our resident fatso! :D

Sweater-- Abercrombie
Skirt-which-is-a-dress -- French Connection
Tights -- H&M
Shoes - Modcloth

Friday, February 11, 2011

Laura: One to Watch

OK, Hey guys! I haven't done any celeb style posts for ages, and I thought I'd do a "spotlight" post on up and coming star Hailee Stienfeld. You probably know her from the recent western-remake hit, True Grit. She was perfect in the film, and her style choices seem to show that she's got a surprisingly level and mature head on her shoulders for a fifteen year old! I searched through hoards of photos and couldn't find one I didn't like. Anyway, these are my favorites. Enjoy! :)

You probably recently saw this on the Fug Girl's case you were wondering, I voted AWESOME. :P It's unusual but just the sort of unusual that works. :)
I think this is one of my very favorites of her gowns, next to the swan dress I posted first. It's so elegant and it's hard to do white at that age without looking all bridal or prom-y but she manages to do neither! I especially like the long sleek really pulls it away from "homecoming" or anything like that.
OK, no, THIS is my other favorite dress XD I love the cozy, 70's vibe. S

Love the dots, so chic!

Which is your favorite look? Have you seen True Grit?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laura: Duck bags and stripey coats

eek! Yup, it's a Dooney and Bourke vintage bag. 70's or 80's? I found it on etsy for a mere 30 bucks and still can't get over it!! I at first thought it might have been lost in the mail as it took ages and ages to come...but it did arrive. And I love it to pieces. :D It's so sturdy and solid. I love the shape of it!
OK...I apologize for the very gross pic in general of me. My hair decided to be a bit crazy, I see. And perhaps I should have taken my mom's suggestion and SMILED. XD Also, how bad is taking pics at night, with a flash??
This is my new coat. It was on Modcloth but I found it for cheaper on another site and nabbed it. It's not as warm as I was expecting but I really like the style so I'm happy with it :D
Another new item are the shoes...also from modcloth (yea, I'm obsessed!!!). However I got a 8.5 as people were saying they ran a bit small. They're comfy but my feet keep slipping out and they'll probably I've ordered a size 8 to compare.

A + B in the Sea wrote a really good post recently about capsule wardrobes, quality, not buying every single thing you see, etc. Which I thought I would also write about.

I had a bit of a epithany the other day when I 90$ (on sale!!) modcloth dress I'd ordered arrived, and I realized it was made completely out of polyester. I had read this but I guess it just hadn't sunk in exactly what polyester was. Well, let's just say it's scratchy and see-thru and cheap, and I have a 20$ forever21 top in it. Besides that, the dress just didn't fit right and I'm sending it back. Then I went thru my modcloth wishlist and culled every single thing that was polyester (practicly half of it) and am now vowing to only buy things that are good quality. Especially online. ESPECIALLY when they're 90 dollar dresses!!! I want things that last...that have that expensive, lush, feel. And somehow polyester doesn't fit the bill. Silk, wool, cotton, cashmere. Yeah, that'll do! But polyester is the kiss of death.

So there's my little ramble for the day. See ya'll later!