Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laura: Duck bags and stripey coats

eek! Yup, it's a Dooney and Bourke vintage bag. 70's or 80's? I found it on etsy for a mere 30 bucks and still can't get over it!! I at first thought it might have been lost in the mail as it took ages and ages to come...but it did arrive. And I love it to pieces. :D It's so sturdy and solid. I love the shape of it!
OK...I apologize for the very gross pic in general of me. My hair decided to be a bit crazy, I see. And perhaps I should have taken my mom's suggestion and SMILED. XD Also, how bad is taking pics at night, with a flash??
This is my new coat. It was on Modcloth but I found it for cheaper on another site and nabbed it. It's not as warm as I was expecting but I really like the style so I'm happy with it :D
Another new item are the shoes...also from modcloth (yea, I'm obsessed!!!). However I got a 8.5 as people were saying they ran a bit small. They're comfy but my feet keep slipping out and they'll probably I've ordered a size 8 to compare.

A + B in the Sea wrote a really good post recently about capsule wardrobes, quality, not buying every single thing you see, etc. Which I thought I would also write about.

I had a bit of a epithany the other day when I 90$ (on sale!!) modcloth dress I'd ordered arrived, and I realized it was made completely out of polyester. I had read this but I guess it just hadn't sunk in exactly what polyester was. Well, let's just say it's scratchy and see-thru and cheap, and I have a 20$ forever21 top in it. Besides that, the dress just didn't fit right and I'm sending it back. Then I went thru my modcloth wishlist and culled every single thing that was polyester (practicly half of it) and am now vowing to only buy things that are good quality. Especially online. ESPECIALLY when they're 90 dollar dresses!!! I want things that last...that have that expensive, lush, feel. And somehow polyester doesn't fit the bill. Silk, wool, cotton, cashmere. Yeah, that'll do! But polyester is the kiss of death.

So there's my little ramble for the day. See ya'll later!


arnique said...

I LOVE DOONEY! I can't wait to put up a post about my new Dooney bag too. Yours is a fantastic find! And thanks for the mention. :))

Good on you re: return of Modcloth dress. I find that shop WAAAY too expensive (esp. when I need to have 'em shipped all the way to Manila). I also see a lot of the dress have a very flimsy look to them.

We can do the capsule wardrobe together, Laura!

PrincessMia said...

Ahhhhh love the coat!

Ick, that sucks about the dress :( It looked so nice too!

As a side note, I used to wear polyester skirts all the time because they were usually cheap and that was all I had. Ick ick ick.

Charlotte Henderson said...

Laura! I just bought the same shoes! hooray hooray! Also, I completely agree about polyester- polyester and usually "dry clean only" are usually instant turn offs for me!

Ali said...

Don't you just love it when you find modcloth items for cheaper on other sides? haha I did that with my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.. but now I am rambling. I love how your shoes match your purse and of course your coat is simply ADORABLE. <3 Stripes forevurrrrr~