Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christy: Little house on the estate sale

Nearly a year ago I attended an estate sale in a richer part of Montreal. All of it was interesting from the vintage play boy magazines to the old furniture but the only things I bought were a vintage crinoline that I later chopped short and this strange jumper/pinafore/dress thingy. I just recently pulled it out and realized that while it's a bit strange, if i removed the top bib part it would make a very decent full skirt.

I decided to take pictures of it before it hit the chopping block. It has a very nice feel and is obviously hand made.

The check print seemed very prairie and reminded me of the days when the idea of wearing pioneer clothes appealed strongly to me.
Though this would have belonged to a very sassy pioneer lady.
I was a little confused as to which part was the front and which part was the back. I hazarded a guess and wore it this way but i may have gotten it wrong.
The next time you see this dress it will be a skirt.

I tremendously enjoyed reading all your comments on my last post about the obstacles in the path of fashion. I feel like I"m getting to know you guys so much better through your comments. Laura and I started this blog before we were really aware of how far reaching the fashion blog community is and I feel like only now am I really becoming a very small part of it.

Thanks for all the advice on the topic of ways to overcome laziness/lack of inspiration. I've been trying to plan my outfits ahead of time so we'll see if there's a spike in my inspiration in the future.

I hope you guys are all having a splendid weekend and I"ll try to update again soon.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Laura: Blue Shirt

yay for unimagitive titles! :D And, I'm back again! My summer holidays are officially completed. Florida was awesome, and last week was Ohio, where I met up with a bunch of my online friends for a weekend of complete hysterical fun. :D It'll definetly be a never-to-be-forgotten experience.
I see Christy's been having some great posts while I've been away, and I'm going to try and be better about posting more frequently.

I got this J. Crew shirt at a thrift store when I was in Florida, but didn't post about it before because as it was a Large I had to try and take it in on the sewing machine (it sort of worked, it's wearable and I'm not drowning in it anymore!).
After altering it I decided to go outside and try a few different ways of wearing it.
It's soooo comfy, the perfect "I'm doing nothing today/I'm super industrious today" top :P
Here's me with one of our seven cats, Gypsy (above)

I love the colors in this last photo--the pale blue, my reddish hair, the bright red flowers, the GREEN. :D Also, you may have noticed I took Christy's suggestions to try rounded edges on my pictures--and I'm loving the effect! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christy: Obstacles in the pursuit of Style

Nobody looks stylish everyday. At least I hope nobody does, because I certainly don't.
That said, I do think that with a little effort I could eliminate a good chunk of the days where
my appearance = death.
This evening while brushing my teeth I came up with the three biggest obstacles to my general stylishness.
Greatest Obstacles in my pursuit of Style
1.My own Laziness
2. My limited budget
3. My mood in the morning as I get dressed

Possible Solutions:(possible resolutions?)
Take the time in the morning to chose my outfits. Make an effort to not settle for the first thing I see in my drawers.
2. Go thrifting more, hunt down sales.
3. I find that if I eat breakfast before I get dressed I'm so much more inspired than if I get dressed before I eat.

It remains to be seen whether I follow through with any of those "solutions". What are the biggest obstacles for you guys in looking stylish?
How do you guys overcome them?

I realize that another, 4th obstacle is lifestyle. I've been working at a day camp this summer where we take the kids to the pool every day, making outfits like the one below the most practical.

My aunt took this picture on her new digital camera in my back yard. It was cute how excited she was to snap photos of everything and everyone.
Thanks for all the comments on my bangs. I've been enjoying them even though the present hot weather is frizzing them a bit.

On a completely different note, my latest shoe longing is for a pair of boat shoes (or dock shoes?)
Like this pair,

or these vans

The only explanation for this longing is the fact that I will be headed to BC and to the Ocean in 9 days!!!
I'm sorry this post is random and I'll try to have a real outfit post up soon but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on obstacles that prevent you from being your stylish best.
Happy middle of the week to everyone!

Outfit details: shorts-levis, belt-thrifted,tank-H&M,hat-winners

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christy: Going off with a bang

I kept trying to think of good punny titles involving the word Bangs/bang but I really couldn't come up with one (hence the present title). I guess it gets the topic of the post off across at least.
Before I post these pictures of my bangs I want to apologize because: Most of the pictures are a bit ugly. I don't know why but I just look strange in most of them. So please excuse that.


I'm excited about having a new look. It's a lot of fun and I think they look very summery.
I'm a little scared by the fact that it's almost Aug. Even though my summer has been ridiculously long I feel I could do with several more months of warm weather. However I'm excited to see all my friends who will be returning for school this fall. Montreal has really emptied out this summer. It's been a strange experience not having a lot of my close friends with me.
They're all off having crazy adventures while I stay in Quebec.
I've had little summer adventures though. For example I've:
1. Swum in a lake at 2:30 am
2. Gone to a jazz bar
3. Read a classic historical novel (I, Claudius,)
3. Stayed up all night
4. Gone thrifting
5. Discovered more about the blogging world
6.Gone to a concert in the rain
7. Lay on my back watching shooting stars
8. Biked to work
9. Watched copious amounts of Lost
10. Participated in a study where they scanned my brain in an MRI

So on the whole I'd say it was a pretty successful summer and in August I'll be off to British Columbia for two weeks.
What small summer adventures have you had?

I've been fiddling around with the blog layout again. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it so don't be surprised if it changes again soon. What do you guys think. Do you like the new layout?

Outfit details: shorts-livis thrifted, shirt-H&M, belt-thrifted, skirt-k-swiss (thrifted),tank-H&M, vest-gift.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Christy: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

I find it odd that certain pieces of clothing can remind you of people or things that are not entirely related. Does anyone else get this? For example my new sun hat (which I was wearing a few posts previously) Somehow makes me feel like Carmen Sandiego. For the un-enlightened, Carmen Sandiego is the bad-ass lady villain of a series of kid's crime solving computer games (where in time is C. S.? Where in the world is C. S.? Where in the USA is C.S.? etc)
She is almost always wearing the above outfit or something similar. What is most ridiculous about my hat reminding me of her is that it doesn't look remotely like Carmen's hat but somehow I just feel like I should be evading my pursuers across time and space when wearing it.
Especially when worn with red like in the following outfit.

I've had this dress forever and I've always felt it's just a bit short to be a dress and a bit long to be a shirt. So Clever me decided to wear short shorts under it, only to realize that they were shorter than the dress. But I figured that if I wear shorts that are shorter than the hem, it mustn't be too short. Sorry, I just realized the last sentence used the word "short" way too many times. I think I must be tired. I'm getting redundant...




These pictures were taken two days ago and yesterday I got my hair cut so now it's shorter and I have bangs! I'm very excited about that even though everyone has been feeding me dire predictions about how much time in the morning my bangs will consume.
I choose to remain optimistic and believe that I will have unusually well-behaved bangs (ha!)
In my next post I will un-veil my new haircut. I need to get some decent pictures of it first. My last few self-timer escapades have been less than amazing,
I will Persevere!
Tally ho! and happy weekend to everyone.

Outfit Details: shoes-thrifted, dress-(i can't remember the store's name), hat-winners,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christy: Cool enough for Pants

It's been so hot lately that I haven't even touched a pair of pants for weeks but today when I went shopping I forced myself to look for pants as I have frighteningly few pairs that are presentable (DIY bleached ripped jeans that are falling apart just aren't classy)
I ended up ending two pairs of pants at forever 21 and I decided to make an outfit with the black pair I bought. I'm always more inspired to photograph outfits that involve skirts and dresses but I decided that I loved my new black jeans and they deserved some attention.

My friend Kelly was taking these photos and was baffled by how I look like I"m leaning to the side in this photo.

The power towers made a surreal backdrop for taking photos

I realize the leather of my shoes does not match that of my belt but I think it still kind of works.




This morning I went shopping with my mom, something I hadn't done for ages. It was actually quite fun and both of us found some really cute clothes. It's kind of nice shopping with someone so much older than yourself, you almost never both go for the same piece of clothing.

I curved the edges of my photos today. I realize that most bloggers seem to be pretty consistent with the style of their posts, ie, having similar layouts, photos sizes, etc. each time but I haven't found a perfect formula yet. I just feel like I'm experimenting and sometimes things work and sometimes they don't.

Outfit details: Jeans-Forever 21, Shirt-thrifted, Cardigan-H&M,belt-thrifted, shoes-vintage, Purse-thrifted

Monday, July 19, 2010

Laura: :D

Well, for those of you wondering where I was...or even if you weren't...I'm back from Florida! :D I had a completely splendid time. The girl I was staying with was just how I thought she'd be (this being the first time we met face-to-face after talking online for 3 years), and everything was just lovely. Obviously I'm very eloquent tonight :P We went thrift shopping and found some nice things, I made sure to arrange a little photoshoot to post the results of here!

I'm not going to lie--Florida's hot :P Thankfully all indoor places had the AC cranked up high (so high I was freezing and had to pile on the layers, haha).

I am in complete love with this black lacey mini-dress I found at Goodwill. We'd just seen Pirate Radio the previous evening and I was immediatly reminded of the dresses worn by Taluah Riley in it. It will hence by be known as my "Pirate Radio dress" ;)

None of this outfit was thrifted, but Rebecca's top was so pretty I had to take a picture!

Sorry I haven't been posting much latly. I'm going away again to visit friends in Ohio, but will be back next Wednesday and will have a nice post for you then. :D Enjoy your summers!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christy: The world is Talented

Sometimes I'm just so impressed by the things that People learn to do, especially when those people are my friends. My friend Claire has been taking pottery classes and today she presented me with a set of two bowls she made for me for a combined last christmas/birthday gift.
They are very pretty and have a wonderful hand made feel.



This weekend I was a chaperone for a youth group retreat at a cottage in the country. I'd forgotten how mad and giggly 13 year old children are...especially the girls. Despite this, I had a wonderful time enjoying the country air. I went swimming at 2 am with two of my friends who were also helpers. There's something magical about swimming under the stars and fire flys. unfortunately my camera stayed forgotten in my bag.

On a completely different note, lately I've been wondering how to wear this silk scarf that I got in France.


In my last photoshoot I tried it as a messy belt but I'm not sure how successful that was. Maybe if I tied the bow in the back.... Any Ideas?

I'm sorry there wasn't too much substance to this post. More outfit posts coming soon.
Also Laura my partner in crime (blog co-author) will be home from her adventures in Florida soon and will have exciting pictures to post.
How was everyone's weekend?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christy: Child's play

I'm not sure if any one else feels this but do you ever look at what a kid is wearing and think "Why don't they make that in my size?" Like Seriously! kid's clothing often has the cutest, funkiest prints and designs. This is why it's so exciting when I find kid's clothing that fits me. I'm not super tiny but sometimes a child's extra large does the trick for me. I have a nice pair of semi-harem pants from the kid's section at H&M.
When taking these pictures I wore another piece of child's clothing: a lovely white tunic/shirt/dress? It's a little tight across the shoulders but other than that fits me perfectly.
I realize that this outfit is very simple but I felt that the white was nicest on its own, without too much visual noise so I paired it with the simple blue belt I bought on my last thrifting trip.


I figured a crown was a child like touch.




The sun was beautiful just as we were leaving the park.

outfit details: child's shirt- Joe fresh, belt-thrifted, shorts-H&M, shoes-thrifted
Photos by Kelly