Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christy: Child's play

I'm not sure if any one else feels this but do you ever look at what a kid is wearing and think "Why don't they make that in my size?" Like Seriously! kid's clothing often has the cutest, funkiest prints and designs. This is why it's so exciting when I find kid's clothing that fits me. I'm not super tiny but sometimes a child's extra large does the trick for me. I have a nice pair of semi-harem pants from the kid's section at H&M.
When taking these pictures I wore another piece of child's clothing: a lovely white tunic/shirt/dress? It's a little tight across the shoulders but other than that fits me perfectly.
I realize that this outfit is very simple but I felt that the white was nicest on its own, without too much visual noise so I paired it with the simple blue belt I bought on my last thrifting trip.


I figured a crown was a child like touch.




The sun was beautiful just as we were leaving the park.

outfit details: child's shirt- Joe fresh, belt-thrifted, shorts-H&M, shoes-thrifted
Photos by Kelly


ch▲r said...

thank you so much for your comment, Christy!
this photo-shoot is lovely, i like the light and the "greeness" of it... and your hair is as fabulous as ever! :)


B said...

YES! I definitely am envious of the playful prints and cute cuts on children's clothing. When I was thinner I wold try to squeeze myself into them but now it's pretty impossible.

The sun light is very pretty in these photos.

B from A plus B

Carys said...

Oh my gosh, I have that all the time, some of my all time favourite clothes-and in fact the first style of vintage fashion I ever wore-was 1930s children's clothes. So many of my clothes are actually kids clothes, it's the one good thing about being such a little squirt (as my stepdad calls me).
Also, your photos are absolutely beautiful, your crown is so sweet, I want one!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Half Dressed said...

Some of the kids clothing look so great, I often want to attempt to fit into them :P Great outfit :)

L x

sweetdisposition said...

the last photo is gorgeous. haha i have tried to steer away from kid's clothes because i fit in them for soo long! all i wanted in middle school was to be able to fit in normal people clothes. people still think i am 12.

Harriet said...

I lvoe your white shirt, and your crown! It's awesome!

Gela said...

i've never attempted to fit children's clothes. hmmm. i'll browse through the children's section one of these days!


boat ride through the sky

Laura said...

gah, that white top is beautiful!!! the perfect summer top. very nice :D
I promise to have stuff up soon!

S and O said...

I love your outfit and your choice of scenery that is one very pretty lake :D


Stevia said...

i know!
kids have the cutest prints ever
sometimes I wish I'm that small

you look so cute
would never thought it's a kid size ;)

and I agree that a simple white tee can take you very far :)


Chandler said...

These are so fun (:

Love the shirt as well!


Anonymous said...

So pretty & your background is simply beautiful!!


I am Abimarvel.