Friday, July 23, 2010

Christy: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

I find it odd that certain pieces of clothing can remind you of people or things that are not entirely related. Does anyone else get this? For example my new sun hat (which I was wearing a few posts previously) Somehow makes me feel like Carmen Sandiego. For the un-enlightened, Carmen Sandiego is the bad-ass lady villain of a series of kid's crime solving computer games (where in time is C. S.? Where in the world is C. S.? Where in the USA is C.S.? etc)
She is almost always wearing the above outfit or something similar. What is most ridiculous about my hat reminding me of her is that it doesn't look remotely like Carmen's hat but somehow I just feel like I should be evading my pursuers across time and space when wearing it.
Especially when worn with red like in the following outfit.

I've had this dress forever and I've always felt it's just a bit short to be a dress and a bit long to be a shirt. So Clever me decided to wear short shorts under it, only to realize that they were shorter than the dress. But I figured that if I wear shorts that are shorter than the hem, it mustn't be too short. Sorry, I just realized the last sentence used the word "short" way too many times. I think I must be tired. I'm getting redundant...




These pictures were taken two days ago and yesterday I got my hair cut so now it's shorter and I have bangs! I'm very excited about that even though everyone has been feeding me dire predictions about how much time in the morning my bangs will consume.
I choose to remain optimistic and believe that I will have unusually well-behaved bangs (ha!)
In my next post I will un-veil my new haircut. I need to get some decent pictures of it first. My last few self-timer escapades have been less than amazing,
I will Persevere!
Tally ho! and happy weekend to everyone.

Outfit Details: shoes-thrifted, dress-(i can't remember the store's name), hat-winners,


KVG said...

I love this red dress....and that hat is beyond marvelous.

I love getting a haircut, it's like a mini makeover! I'm excited to see photographs!

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Charlie said...

lovely post! you look so cute ^^

Camilla said...

cute dress, love the colour.


arnique said...

You know how I love inspiration/play pretend photos. I played the Carmen San Diego computer games as a kid, definitely learned more from them than school.

If you want to start watching Doctor Who, I recommend either the first series of New Who (actor Christopher Ecclestone) or the fifth series (actor Matt Smith). Watch any episode written by Steven Moffat.

A from A Plus B in the Sea

Half Dressed said...

Nice outfit! I love your reasoning for wearing it not even though you thought it was too short :)

L x

Leia said...

beautiful dress! you look amazing!


Rebecca said...

Oh I remember those games for when I was younger. I can the similarity. Lovely hat by the way.

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Bangs can be annoying, but I think that once you get used to them they are alright, even when they misbehave.

I love your hat. It does have that CS feeling about it.

Clare said...

I love your hair, sure it looks lovely with the haircut too!

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