Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christy: Going off with a bang

I kept trying to think of good punny titles involving the word Bangs/bang but I really couldn't come up with one (hence the present title). I guess it gets the topic of the post off across at least.
Before I post these pictures of my bangs I want to apologize because: Most of the pictures are a bit ugly. I don't know why but I just look strange in most of them. So please excuse that.


I'm excited about having a new look. It's a lot of fun and I think they look very summery.
I'm a little scared by the fact that it's almost Aug. Even though my summer has been ridiculously long I feel I could do with several more months of warm weather. However I'm excited to see all my friends who will be returning for school this fall. Montreal has really emptied out this summer. It's been a strange experience not having a lot of my close friends with me.
They're all off having crazy adventures while I stay in Quebec.
I've had little summer adventures though. For example I've:
1. Swum in a lake at 2:30 am
2. Gone to a jazz bar
3. Read a classic historical novel (I, Claudius,)
3. Stayed up all night
4. Gone thrifting
5. Discovered more about the blogging world
6.Gone to a concert in the rain
7. Lay on my back watching shooting stars
8. Biked to work
9. Watched copious amounts of Lost
10. Participated in a study where they scanned my brain in an MRI

So on the whole I'd say it was a pretty successful summer and in August I'll be off to British Columbia for two weeks.
What small summer adventures have you had?

I've been fiddling around with the blog layout again. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it so don't be surprised if it changes again soon. What do you guys think. Do you like the new layout?

Outfit details: shorts-livis thrifted, shirt-H&M, belt-thrifted, skirt-k-swiss (thrifted),tank-H&M, vest-gift.


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Your bangs look so cute. I love those pictures.

I like your summer adventures. I've just been exploring Toronto and hanging out with friends. Lots of work, and lots of fun on weekends. A good summer so far really.


Jazz bars, and shooting stars. Sounds amazing.

Bea said...

You are so darn cute in the last photo.

Your adventures sound pretty cool so far. I like the lake swimming at 2:30 am and the study where they scanned your brain! Summer seems quite eventful :)

B from A plus B

Clare said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

tweet tweet tweet


Half Dressed said...

Your hair looks rally nice :) I always think mini adventures are the best, plus you get to do loads of them rather than just one big adventure :P

L x

Harriet said...

I lvoe your bangs, I could never get mine to look good so I grew them out, but I'm always so jealous of people who can pull them off!

sweetdisposition said...

haha i smiled when i read the part about sitting trying to come up with something clever. i feel the same way.

LOVE the last picture. it has an old, antique-y charm to it. and the bangs look adorable on you. i considered getting them, but my hair is so straight and thin that i figured they'd be gross looking by the end of the day. but you pull them off well!

Ali said...

Aw, you look adorable! Don't you hate getting those awkward pictures, though? xD I always have ones where my eyes are half open and my mouth all floppy and odd.

You summer adventures sound fun, and I am so digging the stripes and that turqoise color! Wonderful. :D && haha, as a reply to your comment, I just hadn't eaten breakfast yet, and it was nearing noon, hence why I somehow fit into that skirt! XD After I ate I was like.. yeah, gonna take this off.

Catherine - The Girl In The Paper Dress said...

You are so lucky you look good in bangs, I cut my own a few years ago and looked like a mess (I still secretly want them). It sounds like you've had an exciting summer, I've just been learning about blogging, reading, and playing tennis.

The Girl in the Paper Dress

Noelle Chantal said...

oh i love your new look. the bangs suits your face, very nice! and wow the summer adventures sounds exciting! lake swimming at 2.30am -a dream! :)

Karen said...

I love your new look with the bangs!! It is always fun to change up your look by cutting bangs or growing them out!! I find myself switching back and forth and I am still not sure which look I prefer more!! For now, bangs are suiting me just fine!!

Sounds like you are enjoying your summer despite the lack of friends!! Plus, it will be so great when you are all reunited again!!!


milk said...

Love your blog!
Those pictures are all gorgeous.
I love I, Claudius by the way! Watch the series from PBS, it was really good!

The Voguette said...

I love that last photo!! too cute!! My summer adventures have been plenty! I spent part of it studying in Paris, another at the most amazing three-day music festival in Barcelona, and now I'm doing a fashion internship in Shanghai!