Saturday, July 3, 2010

Laura: Actress spotlight

Bonnie Wright

I should start by saying that Christy *just* posted today, and I don't want her post to get, go and check out hers on the movie Penelope below this one, and comment on that as well, pleaseandthankyou :P

My latest "girlcrush" is definetly Bonnie Wright. I obviously love her as Ginny Weasley in the HP films, but her style on the red carpet is also worth noting.

Maybe it's because I've always had an obsession with red hair...but she is my new "hair-crush" as well, haha. Not to mention she is a fellow pale-skin! :P It's always refreshing to see a young actress who hasn't succumed to Hollywood's idea that beauty = fake tan.
Her look is always so if she just woke up looking like that and dropped into her dress! I love that she doesn't do anything crazy to her hair, it always looks healthy and natural!
She seems very comfortable in black, it certainly suits her well! I love the coat she's wearing (Above).

This picture, below, is my favorite of her redcarpet looks. It oozes sophistication and chic-ness, yet doesn't make her seem "stuffy" or old. The red lipstick/heels are the perfect touches!
And this one, below, is my second favorite look for her. :P I'm pretty sure that dress is a Anna Sui...Rocker-chic eyes, tousled hair, folk-sy dress...somehow she manages to pull off this look as well as the above! :D
*sigh* if only I could create such a fab pony-tail!
(below)-- I love everything about this look--the breezy, summery-ness of the dress, the dark smokey eyes, the awesome nude shoes...

There you go! :) Don't forget, go read/comment on Christy's "Penelope" post below mine! :P


Anonymous said...

She s adorable! <3

-Dyanna Pure

B said...

A and I have the same problems posting. We made a schedule so nobody's post gets overshadowed! haha :)

Wow, Ginny is all grown up! I like that she's pale too. I've always found that more attractive than tan.

B from A plus B

Miss Madeline said...

She looked so stunning in that black dress with her hair up (at the new york half blood prince premier I think?)...My heart always goes out to fellow red heads!