Monday, July 19, 2010

Laura: :D

Well, for those of you wondering where I was...or even if you weren't...I'm back from Florida! :D I had a completely splendid time. The girl I was staying with was just how I thought she'd be (this being the first time we met face-to-face after talking online for 3 years), and everything was just lovely. Obviously I'm very eloquent tonight :P We went thrift shopping and found some nice things, I made sure to arrange a little photoshoot to post the results of here!

I'm not going to lie--Florida's hot :P Thankfully all indoor places had the AC cranked up high (so high I was freezing and had to pile on the layers, haha).

I am in complete love with this black lacey mini-dress I found at Goodwill. We'd just seen Pirate Radio the previous evening and I was immediatly reminded of the dresses worn by Taluah Riley in it. It will hence by be known as my "Pirate Radio dress" ;)

None of this outfit was thrifted, but Rebecca's top was so pretty I had to take a picture!

Sorry I haven't been posting much latly. I'm going away again to visit friends in Ohio, but will be back next Wednesday and will have a nice post for you then. :D Enjoy your summers!


Bea said...

I love that you called it the Pirate Radio dress. It's so funny to hear that title because my dvd copy says 'The Boat that Rocked'. :P

Marianne was so pretty and stylish in the movie. Too bad she was kind of a bitch! Haha!

B from A plus B

Clare said...

Lovely photos!

tweet tweet tweet


Christy said...

oh I love your "pirate radio" dress. I finally watched that :) and I agree that the clothes are amazing.

aw, it looks like you had an amazing trip. I'm so glad.

Half Dressed said...

The pirate radio dress is so pretty! Glad you had fun and hope you have another good trip :)

L x

Kimberellie said...

Oh, I love all these looks! And the first top is AMAZING!

hannah said...

the black lace dress is ultra cute! sounds like a fun trip :-)

KVG said...

There is nothing quite like a wonderful dress to make even a hot day seem about 10 degrees cooler.


Amanda said...

Hey lady, sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. I curve the edges of my photos in Picnik! It's free and I think you go under "create" and then "frames" and voila! Much easier than Photoshop.