Monday, June 28, 2010

Christy: Don't wear anything I wouldn't.

I still need to work on my timer shots. I tend to stand a little to the left or right of where I want to be.
I Like the combination of the green necklace/belt and the blue skirt but I realize that maybe grey/green/blue aren't always the best colours to put together.


I took one shot in my enchanted garden of a backyard. At least this time all of me ended up in the shot and not just my hip or shoulder.


I realize this outfit is very simple but often when it's hot in the summer I simply don't want anything heavy.
On an unrelated note my bike is fixed so I am able to ride it again. It is very very ugly though and really not worth taking pictures of. I find that a lot of bloggers have beautiful old vintage bikes in bright sassy colours. This is not the case for me sadly.
How was your weekend?

Thrifted K-swiss skirt, belt from Russia, necklace I received as a gift and tank from smart set.


Laura said...

Very nice! :D I looooove the skirt! Is it new? And your arm looks SO SKINNY in the first pic, it's weird :P

KLVG said...

My father got me a bike. Told me it was from a garage sale. False. Turns out, he got it at the dump. For free.
I would not photograph my bike, either. I sympathize. :(

However, you look great...and as a fellow Brother's Bloom lover, thank you for the comments. :)

Margaret said...

very cute!
love the blog!
great posts
stop by some time xx

Gillian said...

I looove the belt, cute outfit!

PrincessMia said...

I say gray/green/blue can go together, as long as they're the same shade/intensity. Cute skirt, I like it!

B said...

I like the simplicity of summer clothes. It's so casual and low maintenance. The first picture of you is so cool-your hair is such a dream.

I really like the way you edited these photos, Christy! They look very vintage-y :) What did you use?

B from A plus B

and flowers pick themselves said...

so cute! i love the necklace!

Harriet said...

I really like the skirt/belt combo - I think the colours go great together. It's so hard to come up with interesting outfits when it's so hot!

I have a non-fashionable bike as well, but I still love it, and I guess it goes with my non-fashionable helmet as well!

TheMadTwins said...

Lovely pictures, and I adore the skirt!

Alice In Fashionland said...

Love the belt and the skirt.

Lol, I have problems standing at the right spot when i do self timer.