Monday, June 7, 2010

Christy: Does this outfit say "Hire me?"

Job-hunting has got to be one of the most demoralizing things ever. At least I know that all over the city other young people are equally demoralized :)

Here's what I wore to go hand out Resumes. I was trying to go for relaxed but slightly original. Not sure if I succeeded....

Outfit details: shorts: levis (thrifted) belt- Topshop (thrifted) blouse: Joe fresh (thrifted) Sweater: H&M


Clare said...

Cute shirt!

tweet tweet tweet


Raquel said...

nice blouse!

Pitu said...


Helen said...

i love those shorts, they really suit you

PrincessMia said...

I love how your entire outfit is thrifted :P I love thrift stores.

What kind of places are you giving your resumes to?

Now I know that I walked in and got a job at Steak n Shake(upper class fast food) pretty much on the spot because I came in to apply straight from my office job, and so was dressed very professionally: jacket, skirt, high heels, jewelry etc. (How was that for a very long sentence?) Shane still talks about it lol

I guess it depends on what kind of job you're looking for: whether they're looking for a more casual, relaxed dress standard. I would say err on the side of being too "professional," though from what I've seen that's not your style at all lol

Christy said...

Yes I realize I don't tend to dress very professionally but when I go to interviews I try to look fancier.

thanks for the comments :)