Monday, June 14, 2010

Laura: Celebrity Style

Just a weekly roundup of some noteworthy recent celeb looks! :)

(above) Taylor Swift, sporting a new sleek hair-do and looking less princessy then usual.
(below) I had to stare at this for a few minutes, but I really do like this unusual dress that Whitney Port is wearing.

I love this look, not that that's anything extraordinary as I do love Anna Wintour. Very lady-like and chic.

Rachel Weisz, always beautiful :) (saw her just this week in The Constant Gardener and was blown away!!)

Love this outfit of Gemma Arterton's! Those shoes are to die for! :D

A glammed-up Scarlett Johanson


Sara C. said...

I love Rachel Weisz too. Nice blog.
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Sara C.

Christy said...

Gemma arton's jacket is so unusual and lovely.

Sophie said...

love their clothes:)

Queen D said...

i heart whitney port yellow dress..^^
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Clare said...

The first dress is gorgeous!

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Blair said...

Gemma Arterton is such a beauty!! :)

A. said...

When I saw Rachel Weisz' picture, I thought exactly the same thing. I don't like Taylor Swift but I do love her dress. I have several dresses with that cut and hope to have more. ;P

A from A Plus B in the Sea

PrincessMia said...

Is it just her posture or is Rachel Weisz's left knee lower than her right?! Cute dress though.

I like Whitney Port's dress, if there was a little more to it lol