Monday, December 21, 2009

Opinions wanted, cheap

And here we have my "oh yea this is slobby Laura". Actually I'm wearing makeup here but only cause I was testing a look out.
So here we have the first contender for the Christmas Day outfit...^^
Or this ^ v. The first outfit is "safer", guarenteed to please and the color is good on me and all. The second outfit is more interesting and has more "new" things :P Also not as safe. The skirt is short so there's always the possiblility of a wardrobe malfunction, and it may be that it doesn't photograph as well in the annual Christmas Family Pictures. Also, I'm worried it the grey makes me look washed out (although on the day I'll have on full makeup).

Here you can view Gypsey's epic tail action!


Christy said...

I like both outfits.(also the slob one ha ha)
I think i'd vote for the second, except for the fact that you'll probably be more comfortable opening presents in the first outfit. Maybe wip out the skirt for pictures? cuz the outfit is fine but pencil skirts dont usually win prizes for stretchyness and comfortableness

Laura said...

Well we won't be really opening presents...this is for AFTER christmas morning, when we leave to go to Aunty Janet's house. There we'll be just sitting around on couchs/eating/talking...

*lol's at "wipping the skirt out for pictures"*

Christy said...

ok than i'd go for the second outfit
with some bright earings if you have any

Laura said...

I have silverly earrings that are pretty eye catching.
Now, to decide on what eyeshadow to wear (burgandy or vivid bright blue)

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