Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Long Awaited Post

Pictures of the mess (dining room, stairs, down bathroom), my christmas presents, clothes, calendars, and for some reason it won't let me put comments up beside each picture...bummer.


Christy said...

ohhh very nice post. I have pictures taken to post but they're not uploaded yet.

oh your skirt looks good with that outfit.It matches that sweater well. Is that sweater new?

i didn't remember you had "push" do you think i'd like it?

Is that a new cardigan in the last picture?
you're so skinny!! your legs look so long and skinny. oh man i don't want to post the pictures I took now. I look very bulky :P

Laura said...

Don't worry, I'm NOT that skinny. I was looking at these pics going "niiice I really look skinny" which proves that I'm not. :P Also I have not been exercising at ALL unless you count walking to the barn and back once a day.

Push is good. A bit confusing plotline but I thought the characters were pretty original and interesting. Apparently it was based off a comic or something. Dakota Fanning is AWESOME in it. The hot guy is awesome, they are awesome together and I am of the opinion that they belong together despite age differences (and the fact that Camilla Belle plays hot guy's love interest). They have major chemistry.
Umm no I got that early fall, I think, at Value Village. The purple sweater is from H&M and I'm not crazzzy about. it's circa late Oct.

Christy said...

once you've uploaded pictures you can move them around. that might help with the whole putting in text thing. :)