Friday, January 29, 2010

Collage & tackboard

The second one is the collage I was telling you about, the first is just a new tackboard arrangement. I just really like how the collage turned out. I was trying to do something fun and wild to go along with the quote and to remind myself to just let loose sometimes (haha as if).


Christy said...

your collage is super cool!! i really like it. It super does suit that quote :)

and your tack board is swell also.

I'm sorry I haven't worn anything worth posting lately.
I will get on that soon.

Laura said...

haha, thanks!! you can see I used that mini-interview with Hugh Grant from the back of my InStyle. I don't know, I really don't normally like Hugh Grant much but I really liked the interview. It wasn't the typical celebrity interview and it made me laugh.
Haha, well I haven't worn much of anything either, so..or at least nothing very excitig (AE tops/jeans don't count as blog worthy)