Friday, January 8, 2010

My first post of the new Year

I regret that my posts have been so far apart and I will try to make my posting more regular.
Outside it is snowing and the temperature is still below zero which makes wearing certain things impossible but i like to try and find creative ways to wear skirts and unusual clothes no matter what the weather. Leggings over tights or wearing two pairs of tights is a good way to do this as it keeps you quite warm.
the following outfit may be slightly ridiculous but it is also quite warm. And in my defense I think the bulky belted sweater is balanced out by the short skirt, leggings and chunky socks.
Also, I don't understand why these pictures always fail to be really flattering.....sigh

Outfit Details: belt-thrifted, sweater-thrifted, leggings-stitches, skirt-gift,socks-gift


Laura said...

Oh, very intersting! I looove the socks!! I wish I could wear skirts more often but I'm still in the Scared of Skirts stage :P I only wear them if I know I'm going to be doing something like church that doesn't require much walking around etc

Christy said...

ha ha that's cool. If you're wearing leggings and tights (both!) under than maybe you'll feel like you're wearing pants.
bring your skirts when you come though, I want to see them:)