Sunday, January 10, 2010

Other people's pictures

I really like what I was wearing this day. It was kind of crazy because of the bright blue top with the striped tank top underneath but the grey sweater toned it down and made it acceptable.
These pictures aren't the greatest as they weren't taken because of the clothes and were more creeper shots than anything else :)
I really hope i get my luggage back because those clothes are in it. Sigh
I love putting together different combinations to try and find out what looks nice.
I think clothes should be more experimental. People at Urbana mostly wore really normal-ish kinds of clothes so I really felt like I stuck out while wearing this.


Laura said...

yay, I saw you were tagged in those pics and thought it looked good. I really hope you get your luggage back too :( Any chance you might? Were you able to contact someone about it?

Christy said...

I know people are still looking for it, so thats good. I"m still hopeful