Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Unsure whether this is a success

This is one of those cases when I just don't know. Is this off? good? too much? the individual elements are all fine but together? like this?
I'll let you be the judge. (also i'm not sure why the above text is acting like a link.)
In the above picture I don't really like how I look but it may just be the angle....because the pictures below seem better. Comments?


Laura said...

Hmm...Did you actually wear this out and about?
I feel like it's just a bit too busy, even for you, to be able to pull off without looking confused. PI think untucking the shirt would be the best bet, cause then the extra panel of navy blue would be gone and it wouldn't cut your torso in half. Losing the socks would also work as well, or instead of that, but I like them, so :P

Christy said...

Ya i agree with you about untucking the skirt. It mostly only looks good tucked in when I'm NOT wearing a sweater I realized. When I'm wearing a sweater it just looks a bit like an awkward belt

and no lies I wore that to school...with beat up ankle boots. I'm pretty sure this was a bad call on my part. Claire laughed at me...

I do like those socks though...maybe I should just tone down all the elements though.

Laura said...

lol! well or you could lose the sweater/T shirt and just have a long sleeved top. The main thing is you've got too many colors cutting yourself up into tiny's not flowing very well. anyways. you pull it off way better then I could XD