Monday, February 22, 2010

Mad skills.....ok maybe not

Ok here are what my mad sewing skills produced. It's actually pretty wearable which i"m happy about considering i made it without a pattern. the trickiest part was that the fabric was so thin and stretchy so i had to have 3 layers to make it not-see through and each layer is a little shorter underneath.
How do you think it turned out?

and now....a back view


Laura said...

Hmm...well it is pretty good for no pattern. The only things I would be worried about if I was to wear it is there is some suspicious bunching in the back (I'm sure, if I had made it, there'd be a lot more then just some bunching but still). also, I'm not convinced it's not see thru...are you by any chance wearing white/light colored underwear under it?? if so, I can see them.

Christy said...

i'm pretty sure i wasn't. you're probably seeing one of the weird hems on the under layers. they tend to go places i don't want them to.