Friday, February 19, 2010

This (above) I like but I don't think I could wear it, since the blouse kept sticking out annoyingly.
Thoughts on this outfit (above and below)?

Thoughts on this outfit? (below)

And thoughts again??
I'm planning on wearing this (below) to church this Sunday

I wore this to church on Sunday (below)
I wore this top to church wednesday night (below)


Christy said...

Ha ha it makes me so happy you wore that shirt!! what did people say?
ok now outfit feedback:
1.I really like the first outfit with only the one picture. I don't think the blouse looks funny. Sometimes something only loosly tucked in so it blouses around the edges is more attractive.
2.I like the second outfit with heels but without heels it seems too unbalanced. I think a flowy top like that would look better with shorter shorts if you're not going to wear heels.
3.I really like that combo of the shirt/blouse/skirt. It's a little strange but in a good way. It kind of just looks like a dress.
4.the black dress/blouse outfit is nice. Kind of preppy and clean looking.
5. I like what you wore last sunday too. Pretty safe and balanced and all colours that go together.

Laura said...

yay I'm glad you like everything!! I'm still not a hundred percent sure of that first outfit tho. I'm excitd for Sunday to wear my "preppy & clean" outfit!

haha everyone loved the shirt. I thought about wearing it to cantata practice but chickened out...maybe I'll do it next week. I am thinking about printing business-card-sized papers and handing them out when people ask me. In the past week I had 11 people ask me. Several of them had already asked me in the past month.

Christy said...

ha ha that's so funny :)