Sunday, February 21, 2010


Here are some from a blog about literary tattoos. These are my favorites. I love the story behind this one! Read it here: also love the story behind this one:

I like this idea:
to have something that goes together, on each wrist.


Christy said...

Those are really cool. I like the Max one and "miles to go" and "suppose we have only dreamed" best

what would you have as a literary tattoo if you got one?

Laura said...

No idea...any suggestions? I obviously want something that has meaning for me, as much as I'd want something just cause "it's pretty" I don't really think the chances of me still liking it in 20 yrs are as good.

Laura said...

My favorite books are I Capture the Castle and From the Mixed up Files, but I can't really think of any WOW quotes except for From the mixed up Files "like being a heroine is being different". But I'm not sure how that would work...I would want something that I could look at and be like "aha!" and it would inspire me to live better, or different, or put me in a better mindset, you know?