Saturday, February 27, 2010

A safe Normal

I think that if everyone thought about it they'd realize that they have a "safe" outfit or two. These are outfits that you know look good on you and will consistently look good on you no matter what weird thing your hair/body seems to be doing that morning. yup So this is my safe outfit. I really do like it. :)
Any thoughts? What are your safe outfits?


Laura said...

I remember the time I was wearing what I thought to be my "safe" sweater---that green zip up one. I was looking in the mirror and thinking "wow, I'm so glad this looks so good on me...I'm REALLY glad I bought it. It's like no matter how awful I look when I put it on I look awesome!"
Right then mom came by and said "Oh, laura I don't like that sweater. It just makes you look strange and sloppy."
I was like "....."

Hmm...well I have this long sleeved/hooded blue sweater from Jacob Connection that I feel pretty safe in. It's also really warm, so...
My pencil skirt and a blouse combo with heels is my "safe" outfit for church. I always feel much better in heels, even if I don't like the effort of putting them on.
Oh and that sort of flowery blouse-sort of top I have...from H&M, short sleeved, dark. Definetly a safe thing.

Laura said...

btw I am still insanly jealous of your zebra shirt!!!! ARGH!!!

Christy said...

ha ha, ya I remember you liked it.
and ya....worst thing ever when you think you are wearing something safe and it turns out to be highly unsafe