Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shopping Excursion and scottie dog PJs

Here we have my current tackboard! ^^

80% Angora gloves from H&M, clearance 5 bucks! I got my mom a pair in blue for Christmas.

My favorite PJs ever (I got these at Value Village ages ago).

A new skirt from Forever21 (with a older sweater from the same).


My new 50% wool purple skirt from H&M

The skirt and my new grey cardigan from H&M also.

A close up of the skirt!

Oh, and silly me forgot to take a picture of my other sweater. It's this one though. Actually, I don't know if it was that, cause the one I got wasn't the much and I doubt it was cashmere. It LOOKS like that, anyway. EDIT: nvm, it IS the same one. WOOT for me getting it for 20$!!

I also practicly bought out Sephora (both in my online order which arrived today and what I bought in-store), but there's not much point in taking pics of little jars and

EDIT2: I think my txt got messed up. sorry.


Christy said...

I love your purple skirt from H%M. it is super beautiful! also your grey cardigan is nice.
the purple skirt looks good with the tank top. you look very chic.

also, the angora gloves look cozy as does the cashmire sweater. I'm wearing a cashmire sweater right now :)

Fun tack board. I always like looking at it.

Christy said...

also your hair looks nice and i know you got that grey shirt/sweater earlier but it's super pretty.

also if you have any clothes you don't want and you think i'd like you should bring them :)

Laura said...

Oh, turns out it's NOT the cashmere one. :P It just looks like it. *annoyed* anyway, I like it.

I'll see if I have anymore milkmaid dresses... :P I know you just love them!

Christy said...

ha ha yup those are the best. the finest actually.
i was so excited to see that dress. :P