Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disproportionate and Dressy

I realize that I look a little Disproportionate in these pictures, probably because I am standing on the stairs and pictures are taken from below.
I'm hoping that that is the answer to why my waist looks so fat. Either that or I'm starting to gain some serious Christmas fat. Or maybe I just always look that way and only i perceive it as fat...

anyways. at least I like what I'm wearing.

First Outfit. I wore this to a Christmas party I went to. The dress itself is sleeveless so the sweater isn't hiding very much.

Outfit: Dress-Boudoir, sweater-Stitches,Tights-Sears,Shoes-Vintage

Outfit 2: I haven't worn this anywhere yet. I just got the dress and belt yesterday so I decided to try out an outfit with it. Again, my head looks disproportionate. This next picture is the only one in the set where I really really like how I look. I love the buckle on the belt. Even though the belt only fits me at the smallest point in my waist I still fell in love with the vintagy feel of the flower on the buckle.

Outfit:Dress-second hand, Belt-Vintage,Tights(both pairs)-Sears


Laura said...

oOh I like! Your outfits are always so much more interesting then mine *sigh* the shoes do look a lot better on then in taht other pic and I love the dresses! No idea why you look so fat in the first pic as I doubt you are actually like that. maybe it's the camera angle??

Christy said...

ya, the shoes kind of collapse when you take them off.

I wouldn't say my outfits are more interesting, just different.
i really like seeing the pictures you post.
Just try to force yourself to be creative if you want your outfits to be more interesting. You don't necessarily wear the said outfits anywhere XP
Ya that's a pretty obese camera angle.

Christy said...

also, I'd like to point out, Congrats us, our blog is longer than one page :)

Laura said...

Sadly the next time I wear anything the least bit attractive will be next thursday (Christmas eve service) as I am working from fri-wed. Well, I'm going shopping this wed, so maybe if I get something good I'll take pics.
Hurray to us!!
Btw I was wondering if I could share the blog with a friend of mine. It's mar_girl from nw, she's very chill and really likes fashiony blogs. If you'd rather it was just us two that's cool tho (I mean, she wouldn't post in it, just read it).

Christy said...

Ya, She can read it if she wants.
das cool.