Friday, May 28, 2010

Laura: Celebrity Style

So, here's the weekly roundup of awesome celeb looks. Some of these might be from a week or two back, but whatever. :D Enjoy!

Kirsten Dunst has been seen around a surprising amount latly, and looking rather good too! I love this pale blue gown, and below, the dark blue LV. Love this 30's style dress that Kim Cattrall is wearing.
Natalia Vodianova's certainly wearing something unusual, and I doubt anyone else could pull it off, but doesn't it look amazing on her?
So maybe this outfit of Emma Watson's is a tiny bit unusual as well...but I think she looks stunning :D
Don't usually gush over Catherine Zeta Jones's look, but this is quite lovely. :)
Here's Rachel Evan Wood looking quite cozy and chic.

And Emma Watson with some of her costars promoting the Harry Potter themepark and wearing a darling sundress (if anyone can find out who makes it, lemme know!).
That's all for this week :)


{ I V Y } said...

oh natalia ! <3

Melanie said...

I love kirsten dunst. so chic.


Winnie said...

I want to go to the Harry Potter theme park! Emma's dress is so lovely in that last shot.

Charlotte said...

Such a good selection of images! Inspiring!

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Christy said...

love Emma's sun dress. It's super I want one like it. :)

Camilla said...

sweet blog, thaks for stopping by! x