Thursday, May 27, 2010

Christy: Move Chic: Jenny from An Education

I love movies with beautiful clothes. When I like the clothes in a movie it ups my enjoyment x2.
An Education is a great movie in terms of acting and story but the clothes are just amazing. I love how the clothes change as Jenny changes from sheltered school girl to mature young woman. Many movies use clothes to mirror plot but coming of age stories do this especially well.

The other characters in this movie also have fantastic clothing but this post is already very photo heavy so I'm going to focus on Jenny.

School Girl: During the many school scenes Jenny wears her english school girl uniform.

There's something sharp about uniforms that have a tie.
There's nothing like a blazer to say classic.
The red belt that is part of their uniform pulls the outfit together.
I would definitely wear their grey v-neck sweater
The scarf reminds me of the Hogwarts' uniform :)

Socialite: the dresses Jenny wears when she's with David are usually simple, form fitting and elegant and make a striking contrast with her uniform.



I love this dress. Very light and airy.




Laura said...

I love the styles in this movie! Especially how at the end of the movie, she isn't wearing either of those styles, they've sort of melded together. :)

360°North said...

I wanna watch this now! so cute

B said...

I think I'll watch that movie tonight! Haha.

Seriously, that white and red dress is *such* a dream. Plus Danny is so much hotter than David. I loved it when they danced together-especially the song.

Christy said...

I know I loved Danny. I wished there was more of him...

PrincessMia said...

Ugh I still need to watch this! And it goes back today! I just might go ahead and swallow the $1 late fee.....

Anonymous said...

In the 4th photo, why is her tie unknotted and dangling around her neck? She must not have been very good at tying a tie as it looks in some of the other photos