Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christy: Historical fashion love

I'm sure many people have seen this photoshoot but I saw it recently and re-fell in love with it. I'm just such a sucker for historical clothes though I don't have quite the same urge to wear them in public as I did when I was younger.

Vogue US September 2006
actress: Kirsten Dunst
photographer: Annie Leibovitz

why isn't hair like this in style now?

I like that this one isn't really historical but still respects the silhouette of the dresses of the period.

A classic Annie Leibovitz picture to take

Nothing like a mask to create a hint of mystery

I just love the fabric on this dress. I would adore a short sundress made out of it.


Clare said...

I looove these images, I really enjoyed the film too, even if it was just to stare at pretty things...


Laura said...

*sigh* gorgeous! :D

I especially love the black sort of mask she's wearing in the second-to-last photo.

A. said...

My favourite historical period is 1795-1815, part of which is the Regency period. Mostly because I look good in an empire cut. ;P I stop liking the gowns once the ruffles start multiplying and sleeves begin to balloon.

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