Monday, May 10, 2010

Laura: art

I've been browsing around on etsy today, in the art illustration section. Here are some of my finds:

One of my favorite artists with an etsy shop is dkim. Her shop is "closed" temporarily, but hopefully it will open soon cause I'm absolutly dying to buy her "Lady Hitchcock" print!

Her website is, and her etsy shop is Here.

These next illustration prints are from HidenSeek's etsy shop.
My particular favorites are these bear themed ones:

"Mom, this is the friend I told you about."


"He says he can hear the forest whisper."

"Little lost bear"

These next ones I'm in love with by Shirae, her shop is HERE.

"Never Alone"



My last art obsession is Juliapott. Her etsy shop can be found HERE.
Some of my favorites of her art prints are as follows :D

"I can't see past you"

"Woolly Bear"


"Night picnic"

"Knitted bear"

That's it for now, but expect another etsy/art related post very soon! :D Enjoy, and be sure to check out these amazing artist's etsy shops! :D

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Christy said...

ohhh I love those. The first print is just lovely.
i also really like the Shirae ones. they're very simple and evocative