Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Laura: Met Ball highlights

So, last night was the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala (whew). And this morning, I perused the internets to bring you what I consider the highlights fashion-wise :)

I wasn't really terribly excited about many of the gowns this year. I was more passionate about the ones I hated then anything I liked. So, we'll start with the worst.


*sigh* I might not hate this dress so strongly if it was someone other then Kirsten Stewart wearing it. It's Chanel, and somehow she still looks as though she's wearing skinny jeans and a hoodie. I think she needs to learn that this--ball gowns, anything "pretty", or anything too high-fashion--look should be avoided. She's had some nice outfits in the past for premieres and such--shorter bandage style dresses with funky heels, and she looked much more comfortable.


Moving on from the worst of worse...I...*almost* like this. Maggie Gyllenhaal was obviously aiming for crazy-awesome with this Louis Vuitton dress, but it didn't...quite...make it. I can see where she was going with it but I just don't know...


January Jones in YSL. Another "didn't quite make it" outfit. Lose the gloves, loosen the hair, change up the makeup...SOMETHING. I rather like the dress by itself but with everything else it's a bit overwhelming.


There's nothing wrong with Anne Hathaway's Valentino gown...but I didn't feel like it "stood out from the crowd" enough. Also, I'm NOT loving her hair , and she has the sort of face that can handle a lot of makeup thrown at it, and I don't think she's using that to her advantage here. Not bad, just a bit on the "blah" side.


Carey Mulligan... At first glance I utterly despised her Miu Miu dress, but the more I look at it the more I like it. HOWEVER...
1)This is the Met Gala. She is a tiny bit underdressed.
2) Please, hands out of the pockets!!
3) I still wish her hair was red :(

I'm glad that she is taking fashion risks and not going with the safe stuff that all the other celebs do, but I would have loved to see her in something a little more glamorous.


Emma Watson in Burberry. Another one I was a bit disappointed in. I'm not a huge fan of white in general--too bridal--and it just isn't the awesomeness I would except from someone with such a good track record fashion-wise so far...


Rachel Weisz in custom Oscar de la Renta...I LOVE this color on her, however once again I'm kinda "blah" about it. Although it says "custom" I feel like it's not as flattering as it could be.


Marion Cotillard in Dior. This, I pretty much like. If I was going to be really picky I'd say I'd prefer it with short sleeves, but I'm not complaining ;)


Zoe Saldana in CK...nice and sleek, not too busy, classic...quite lovely :)


This Prada gown worn by Iman was probably the only thing from the whole evening I actually loved & adored. Not only does it look amazing on her, but her hair, makeup, and accessories compliment it wonderfully. It's tasteful but completely glamorous. I love it! :D


Christy said...

Kirsten stewart does look kind of out of place in that. I'm not sure quite what's wrong but somethings 'off"

I like carey mulligan's dress but def not for a gala event. That looks like something I'd wear to eat ice cream in the park or applying to work at a bookstore. Both things I aprove of but neither of which include a red carpet.

B said...

Oh, this post is great.

Why did Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson allow themselves to look so un-spectacular. I mean, Carey Mulligan's dress looks like she picked it up at the mall :( I love these two actresses so I'm a bit underwhelmed.

I love Anne Hathaway's dress though. Her hair, makeup and dress are relatively simple but I find it refreshing. Not trying to be too daring or anything.

PS. I don't like Kirsten Stewart either so I am probably secretly pleased she doesn't look great. Haha! Is that mean?