Sunday, May 23, 2010

Laura: St. Trinian's

I was inspired by the recent St. Trinian's films for my outfit today. I look nowhere as amazing as the girls in the movie though...if only I could pull off that short blunt bob like Gemma Arterton! Not to mention I didn't want it to literal as I was wearing it to church :P *sigh*


B said...

I always find it funny how when we were kids we were just dying to get out of those school uniforms. Then look at us now, years later trying to recreate the very same look!

Fun dress up day :)

Laura said...

Haha, well I never had a school uniform (was homeschooled) but have always loved the idea of boarding school and the uniform...comes of reading too many Enid Blyton books I think :P

Christy said...

nice knee socks :)
I actually kind of enjoyed having a uniform. It made life easier in the wasn't very classy though