Saturday, May 1, 2010

Christy: And I dreamt of Magnolias.....

Fall is my favorite season but spring has a magic that's all it's own: A magic of Wearing dresses and skirts without tights, lying on the green grass in the sun, seeing the world explode with flowers.

During my break between classes on Friday I lay on the grass on my campus with my friend and just soaked up the vitamin D and had an amazing sense of well-being.

We have a Magnolia and A cherry tree in our back yard and they are both disappearing in a beautiful haze of flowers. I decided to take some pictures with the Magnolia as its blossoms are the showiest and most dramatic and remind me of tea cups.

Outfit: necklace (gift) top (Smart Set) Skirt (Home made)


Each Individual blossom was perfect.



Killarney wanted to get in on the action:


Since then, Killarney got her hair cut and she now looks much less shaggy.


Laura said...

You know when you have a pic of Kilarney in a post my first comment will be about her :P She's just too cute for her own good!!!!! *squee*

And, love your pics!! Your skirt looks really good. :D And, I didn't know fall was your favorite season, that's cool, as it's mine as well. But I agree spring is pretty great as well. :D

Was the title of your post supposed to be "From" something cause it's reminding me of something...

t said...

Nice and simple outfit!

Christy said...

Thanks! I thought the simplicity went well with the crazy beautiful flowers