Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laura: news!

So I'm afriad I don't have any exciting outfit pictures to share, however, I do have some exciting news!! You may have noticed it over in the sidebar, but if not, I have a tumblr!! I'm basically WAY too excited about this. It's super addicting.

Here's a couple of pictures from it to encourage you all to go over there and follow me ;)

You know you want to! Oh, and do you have a tumblr? Please do include the link in the comments for me to check out! :D


Carys said...

I have one too, I was so addicted when I first started it!
mine is, I'm off to follow yours right away!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

PrincessMia said...

So what IS tumblr?

Juliane said...

I really like tumblr because it makes it so easy to share inspiration in pictures, quotes, videos and music all in one place. You can find mine here, if you're interested:

There is a downside to it, however, because so many inspiring people shut down their blogspot-blogs in favour of tumblr. The writing they created themselves and the nice comments of others thereby just disappeared and that's quite sad, I think.