Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christy: un-even hems

Today is an incredibly grey day and I'm finding it hard to stay cheerful. For me, if I wake up to the sun coming through my window then everything is instantly better.
I have a bit of a back-log of outfit pictures so this outfit is from a few days ago.
I love having winter boots that I can wear under skirts without feeling ridiculous.
This is a dress that I found at a tiny thrift store in BC. It was the kind of thrift store where everything is 2$ instead of the horribly inflated prices of 7$ or 10$.
It was a long dress which looked a bit like a nightgown before I altered it and my friends with me were laughing at me a bit for wanting it but I realized it would be really cute short. I feel like a lot of thrift shopping is just seeing the possibilities in strange pieces of clothing.

Outfit details: Necklace-gift,dress-thrifted, black tights, boots-rockport


Chelsea Lane said...

you are sssooo adorable! I love that dress it is so super cute :) love how you styled it!


Ella Press said...

I agree with Chelsea, you look adorable in that outfit!
Love the dress!


Screamyourfeelingsout. said...

Hi girl!
How are you?

Your blog is very nice!
Come check mine &. Would you like to follow each other?

Hugs &. Kisses, Valerie

Bea said...

Such a dainty and pretty dress, Christy! Good job altering it too. Tres resourceful.

Bea from A plus B

Anonymous said...

lovely dress....great blog!


Jessica Stewart said...

I did not know that you had a blog (and such a cool one at that)!!
I am definitely going to read it when I can :)

Where was the thrift store? because that dress is cuuuute