Monday, January 17, 2011

Laura: Golden Globes

Alrighty, so last night was The Golden Globes! Not many of the people and movies I wanted to win won, although a few made me pretty happy (The Kids Are Alright, Colin Firth, Jim Parsons)...but I was more interested in the dresses, anyway ;)

Here are my favorite gowns of the evening!

Hailee Steinfield is perfectly stunning. She somehow manages to keep her age in tact (14!) while remaining more poised then I have or ever will be in my life...]
It was nice to see Angelina in a color, and this green is marvelous! Hehe, just reminded me of "The Lady of the Green Kirtle" a la The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis...

I feel like January's dress might be the dividing sort--you either love it or you hate it. And I love it. I feel like I would hate it on anyone else but her. She manages to make very little clothing un-slutty. And the color!

This is maybe not the *most* stunning dress of the evening, but I wanted to include it because I think it's Christina Hendrick's best red carpet gown so far of the career. THIS is how curves are done!
Anne always looks classy and sparkly. This is no exception. Love!!
Probably one of the most controversial choices of the evening. Yeah, it's pretty frumpy. But hey, it's TILDA SWINTON! She can pull anything off.
I seriously think it impossible for Helen Mirren to ever NOT be on the Best Dressed list.
I think this dress is a bit ill-fitting around the middle, but otherwise, I love it. Elizabeth Moss looks fantastic and the color is perfect on her. Another of the "maybe not the best, but compared to her other choices..." Plus I can't ignore anyone from Mad Men ! XD
Love anything beaded, anything 30's. And Jayma's dress hits the spot!!
Natalie Portman shows us all how dressing for pregnancy is done...
Not unlike Tilda, Helena Bonham Carter is one of the very few celebs who can wear practicly anything and I will love it. Case in point re: her footwear!


Carys said...

Great post!! I love Helena Bonham Carter, she always looks so cool in her crazy outfits!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Helen Mirren (WOW!), January Jones and Jayma Mays are my absolute favorites! Natalie Portman's outfit makes me a bit sad cause it would have looked SO better if she left out the flower and replaced the red accessories with white/gold/beige tones. Too bad, cause that Viktor & Rolf gown is wonderful and feminine.

sbot said...

Anne was so stunning.