Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christy: And the sky spat out the snow

Right now I am super not in the mood for blogging but I am forcing myself to write this post. Look at me being all "good bloggerly". I don't even know why I don't feel like blogging. I probably shouldn't over analyze it. I can attest to the fact that over-analyzing things very very rarely leads to anything good.

What does always lead to good things is wearing cool sweaters.
My friend Charlotte's comment on this outfit: "Christy are you crazy?? You're wearing shorts in January! You're going to freeze!"
I won't deny I was a bit chilly but I didn't find it unbearably cold. I'm pretty sure this is because my legs are immune to cold from my high school years of wearing a kilt throughout the coldest months of the year.

Here's a little peek into what our kitchen looks like. There's my mac book where I do all my blogging.
ya it's a bit cluttered....
Hope you guys are all keeping warm!

Outfit details: sweater-thrifted, shorts-forever 21, tights-sears, necklace-gift


C'EST DEMODE said...

gorgeous sweater and cute kitchen!

xxo Tess S.

Angela said...

Cute jumper, I like the pattern on it :)
Ang xxx

jess said...

very cute sweater! looks very cosy and warm :)

Gela said...

i really love that sweater! so pretty, & it looks incredibly comfy!

gaaah, it's been so cold lately, even here in the Philippines. it's crazy!

boat ride through the sky

Jessica Stewart said...

I am seriously jealous of this sweater.
and I don't think you are crazy for wearing shorts :)

KANI said...

hhehe the pattern on the jumper is so fun :) love it!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

That sweater is great! And I think wearing shorts is not too different from wearing a skirt really... ; )