Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Laura: Long time no see

SO SORRY I've been such a bad blogger. I'm (hopefully) making up for it with lots of nice pics in this post and more coming this week. I just got back from a week in Montreal, visiting with Christy. It was cool getting a taste of her life and seeing the city. Sunday afternoon we went for a photo adventure around her neighborhood and got some nice shots, which I'm posting some of here.

This beret is a new thing, I picked it up at H&M while I was there and am totally in love with it! It never leaves my head now :P

Yay! Cousins&BFF's


sweetdisposition said...

love the hat! it really adds something :]

PrincessMia said...

Laura posted??? *dies in shock*

LOVE love love the beret: so very sophisticated.

And I've said this already, but love the one with the mirror.

milk said...

i adore you hat!

iris loves fashion said...

so cute! :)