Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christy: The kind of weather to wear Pants

I'm sitting at my kitchen table looking out at the rain. I have successfully finished writing a short paper this morning and I am feeling rather smug and un-inclined to do any more work before I have class at 12. So instead I'll fill you in a bit on what I've been wearing and eating.
Here's what I wore the other day. I didn't have time to blog that day but I feel like today would also be good weather to wear this outfit in. Note the cozy socks pulled over pants and the large, brightly patterned scarf.
Lately I've been favoring black or grey pants over jeans. maybe it's just because I'm not in love with any of the jeans I own right now but black pants just seem so much sharper.

This weekend I experienced a bit of Asian culture when my roommate hosted a dumpling and bubble tea making party at our apartment.
There are the dumplings we made ready to be cooked. We made bubble tea in mugs as we didn't have enough tall glasses to go around.
You have to bring the dumplings to a boil three times to ensure that the filling is full cooked.
I still have three dumplings left in the fridge which I'm about to go eat now.
Man! I love food.

Hope everyone is staying warm and not going crazy over school and the approaching thundercloud of finals.

Outfit Details: pants-Forever 21, sweater-H&M, t-shirt-Urban outfitters, scarf-Italy,socks-thrifted


sweetdisposition said...

you're adorable. and i NEED those dumplings asap. :]

Fivetwocharm said...

greeatt scarf! my black pants are reallyy faded, yet i still choose them over jeans :)

PrincessMia said...

Man, I haven't had dumplings in years and years: my mom used to make them :'(

Faye said...
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Death By Shoe said...

Love your outfit! I need to find me some cute socks like yours, I'm in Calgary and its -30...yikes! Love the blog btw!!

xo Danielle

Hope Adela said...

that is such a fun bohemian scarf! =)


Ali said...

That scarf looks so super cozy and I'm in love with your socks, I bet they're soo warm! <3

Dumplings are delicious. * 3* nomnomnomyumm. <3

La p├ępite modeuse said...

cool blog !

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

lovely x hivennn.

KANI said...

naww your dumplings are so cute hahaha, my mother makes them at home all the time as well!