Friday, November 12, 2010

Christy: Lace and boots

Laura's visit was a lot of fun. It was a bit of an odd visit because I had classes and work but we managed to hang out in the odd nooks and crannies of time and on Tuesday I skipped my class and we went thrifting.
I bought a lace T-shirt which was something that I'd been wanting for a while.
Another purchase I made with Laura was....duh duh duh
A pair of boots!!
For a long time I had been on the hunt for a pair of boots that are both stylish and will not die in Montreal winters.
Winter in Montreal is not kind to boots. The salt in the streets encrusts your boots and destroys them. The slush seeps through all but the most water proof seams and if you buy cheap boots you can count on buying a new pair next winter or maybe even by Christmas.
So the pair I bought are rockport from the Bay. I was at the Bay with Laura and my aunt, trying to help my Aunt find a sweater but instead I found boots.

They're leather and have a heel to keep me out of the muck. So now i'm excited for real snow so I can try them out.

What kind of boots do you guys usually end up buying?

Outfit Details: shirt-thrifted, boots-the Bay, skirt-Simons, tights-Zellers


Carys said...

I love your new shoes, they're so cool!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

milk said...

so cute!
and sorry about the pictures, i dont know what was up with that! But they're back on now if you wanna check them out!

Anonymous said...

love the tights and boots!

Raquel said...

this is a great outfit! I am also looking for a pair of good quality boots, your are amazing! I love them!

Ali said...

Your lace shirt and boots are so adorable! :)

Alison said...

Love those boots, the mix of materials looks really cool :) I buy so many boots but I always pick the impractical ones, so kudos to you! Lovely blog

<3 Alison

Amber Rose said...

Lace shirts never looked so good! You always look so wonderful, honeybee.

I'm glad you had fun with Laura. (:

jess said...

gorgeous top - love the lace shoulders!

Bea said...

Simple and feminine outfit is so pretty and classy on you :)

I want black boots as well. They are so sleek looking. Thrifting time!

Bea from A plus B

danniekate said...

big thumbs up to the shoes :) x

Harriet said...

Oooh, I love that skirt! The boots are so cute too! They look fabulous for keeping your toes warm!

PrincessMia said...

Aaaaaah boots!!

Though in Florida boots are mainly for decoration, as we don't have to worry about snow and slush. So any old pair from the mall works :P

Stevia said...

i love your lace blouse :)
and what a badass boots!
yeay thrifting!!