Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Laura: Emma Watson

I know I've included at least one of these pictures in the Celeb Style posts quite recently, but seeing Emma out and about so often in the past week or so for HP related events, I couldn't wait for the next Celeb post to come up. :P Here's a quick look at how her style has evolved since she entered the show business!

circa 2002-2003, Emma doing her best to look as grownup (and adorable) as possible!

circa 2003-2004

circa PoA-GoF. Here, Emma tries out a uber-trendy look.

circa PoA-- Here Emma is still wearing flats, and trying to navigate the tricky "child star premiere" outfit (and looking slightly maid-of-honor-ish)

circa 2005
Ah yes...well, at least I wasn't the only one who owned a pair of "leg shortening" boots. And who hadn't quite gotten the hand of layering. 14 yr old me would have been all over the sequined, flowy top!

Circa GoF?
Definetly something I would have wanted to wear when I was about 13-14, so it's understandable Emma chose it. However, I don't think many of my 14 yr old outfits were too wonderful either...The ribbon headband looks rather "fairy costume"...and not in a good way.

circa GoF?
A good example of the "trying to figure out your style" look. I'm also sure we can all remember this look either from our own closets, store racks, or on one of our friends.

Definetly starting to find a "style", although still experimenting, and looking very chic!

circa 2007
Trendy? check. Experimenting? check. Unfortunate, unflattering jeans? check.

Circa OoTP
Pretty dress...also a foray into "blonde+tanned"...

OotP...still tanned? Still blonde? Still wearing blue?

circa 2008
A red lip certainly signals Emma's on her way to effortless glamor!

Emma's first non-Hermione role, as a Princess in the Tale of Despereaux. Also one of my favorite of her outfits. The color is unexpected and beautiful!

In the front row of a Christopher Kane fashion show. She's dressed to impress with a sleek grey jacket. I only wish there was a full length picture!

circa 2009
Emma's moving in the fashion circles now. Here she's wearing a bold Rodarte dress at one of their shows.

After getting a contract with Burberry, Emma's style skyrockets! This gold-foil dress is one of my favorites of hers, and also marks one of her best styles (form fitting, short dresses).

At a premiere for HPB, Emma manages to look fresh, grownup without looking fussy, and red-carpet worthy. All while holding an umbrella in the pouring rain!

Again with the now trusted style recipe--dresses above knee, structured heels, and she's good to go!

Unusual choice, but a wise one. She now knows how to rock a complicated piece while not looking overwhelmed!

The perfect outdoor concert outfit. Large bag to carry everything, comfy jean shorts, over-the-knee boots, and a killer corset!

This chic coat has got to be Burberry!

I'm drooling all over my keyboard at this coat. It's structured and shows off her pixie cut perfectly. The shoes just add to the overall sophistication of it!

ah yes...that dress. That it seems like a lot of people actually don't like (or at least don't like how she accesorised it). I don't think it would work with most people, but she seems to be rocking the "lots of stuff piled on at once/90's glam" look and working it...

http://gallery.ewva.net/albums/press/Leavesden/normal_1001330.jpg The close up is just perfection!

This long, black dress is all rather minimalistic. The jeweled clip in her hair adds a touch of whimsy.

And that concludes my ode to style, a la Watson! :D Hope you enjoyed. Which of these is your favorite look?


PrincessMia said...

She's so adorably as a little girl, all that hair!
Eeeeew, Dracco!!! ;)

Ok, I honestly think her PoA outfit is worst :P Below the knee hem AND flats?? Shoot me now. And hey, not all boots are leg shortening ;) (At least I hope not, because I love wearing jeans tucked into boots lol)

Duuuude, those BOOTS in the 2007 pic! Floral, flat, and over the ankle, bleach to the eyes :P

Hmm, I want to try red lipstick sometime....

I didn't know she was in Tale of Despereaux, I'll have to watch it now....

Love the Rodarte dress. Wish I felt brave enough to show as much skin in the concert pic :P

And pixie cut? Meh. As guess she should be looking older, but still. *sniff* Little Hermione is all grown up.

Lauren said...

Oh wow, thank you for this! It's been a real fun trip down memory lane. I love Emma Watson. <3

Alice In Fashionland said...

She does have an amazing style. I'm glad I wasn't in the eye of the public at 14!

Raquel said...

definitely the Burberry gold mini dress! she looked amazing!

KANI said...

i love emma watson, one of my favourite actresses - though i think i liked her hair better when it was longer, like in her burberry campaign! <3