Monday, November 15, 2010

Laura: Celebrity Style

Ok, Christy's been bugging me to do an outfit post, and I plan to soon :P However, I have several stunning celeb outfits lurking in my bookmarks that are simply begging to be posted!

My favorite: I just about fell off my chair when I saw this look. Somehow Emma makes the extreme GLAM of the 80's work here. Her new hair cut is definetly helping her here as well. I love the bold lip and jewlery, and the velvety-draped dress! Keira, hitting the style spotlight once again!
Both ladies look lovely, but I'm in particular a fan of Keira's style here, especially her navy booties!
Love love love this...the ultra-slicked-back hair, and the bright pumps!
I doubt anyone else could pull this off, but it's very "Kirsten Dunst" for sure.
Natalie Portman shines in matching shoes and gown!
Sofia Coppola's outfits are always super chic, in an almost Parisian way. Loving the black wedges!


Christy said...

I love the dress kiera is wearing in the second picture. It's quite unusual

Amber Rose said...

I agree with Christy! :)

Wishing you well, love.

PrincessMia said...

I think I'd like Keira's first skirt, in the length of her dress. That length gives me horrid flashbacks to times best left forgotten =P

And oh my, love that purple!

sweetdisposition said...

emma watson, so lovely! i think it's fabulous that she chopped all her hair off, i know it didn't get unanimously good reviews- but i give her kudos.

Bea said...

Kirsten Dunst looks so glamorous it hurts. And her adorable short hair makes me want to just chop mine off!

Thanks for sharing these, Laura!

Bea from A plus B